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Comment Re:The elephants in the room (Score 1) 244

Google had no need for Postini. Google's own spam filtering in Gmail is pretty good.

In my experience, spam filtering in Gmail is pretty BAD because of large numbers of false positives. Its algorithms appear to have some kind of quota for spam, and if your account gets no obvious spam, they will pick some for you out of incoming newsletters, new correspondents, and legitimate commercial email. GMail is the only email server I have to check daily for false positives.

Comment Re:Front yard? (Score 1) 177

Inner US suburbs have similar problems, 50x100 foot lots, older houses have minimal setbacks from the street (10-15 feet), and a thicket of overhead utility wires. Plus trees and hedges. The big issue is going to be how accurately can the drones be maneuvered and how well can they "see" overhead wires and other obstructions. The last I heard, military UAVs had to avoid areas with overhead wires; they could see the poles, but not the wires.

Comment Re:Trees and powerlines? (Score 1) 277

Home phone, cable and power wires are small enough in diameter to be hard for radar to detect, so avoidance depends on knowing their locations. That can be deduced reasonably well from pole and tower locations, but that data may not yield precise cable heights, so drones will have to leave safety margins. So unless drones avoid cities with overhead utilities, they're likely to more power failures than drunks and distracted drivers.

Comment Re:Don't Know How You Made That Conclusion (Score 1) 217

That's one possible reason, but Google gets very fussy about spam and is not very consistent. Sometimes messages from mailing lists get caught in Gmail spam, sometimes they go through. No rhyme or reason, but it seems like most mailing lists get spam-filtered at some point, and that may continue if you don't mark them not spam.

Comment Re: in-vehicle concierge (Score 1) 417

Voice recognition in a vehicle is tough because of the acoustics. Think how far your mouth is from the microphone, all the sound-reflective surfaces, and other noise sources. Directional mics may help, but then where you sit and how tall you are matters. To get it to work well you would need to wear a headset with a microphone.

Comment Re:HAHAHAHA! (Score 1) 231

The simple solution to driving in snow/ice/rain is to drive as slow as necessary for safety. Of course, that's a LOT slower than most of the humans on the road drive under those conditions, so either the human riding inside will get impatient and take over the controls, or one of the human drivers on the road will cream the slow-moving autonomous car.

Comment Re:Why use ISP email? (Score 1) 269

The best spam filter is one you control. GMail's spam filter sucks because you can't turn it off, and if you don't get "enough" spam, it will snag newsletters or other legit mail. I've been trying to train it, but it doesn't learn. I'd rather have spam filters I can turn off, like Verizon's. I run all the spam through my email client's filters, which I train to minimize false positives. That means I see some spam, but that's my choice, not Google's.

Comment Re:Wow ... Fundamental logic flaw in restore (Score 1) 225

Sounds like the fundamental logic flaw is in automatically restoring what Skype was doing when it crashed. In this case, it if crashed once, it will do it again. I've hit that in the past when a web browser hit a bad web page that crashed it, and rebooting the browser tried to open the web page that crashed it. With browsers, opening a page usually is slow enough that you can close the page before it crashes again.

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