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Comment: eggs in multiple baskets (Score 5, Interesting) 214

by jgercken (#27325231) Attached to: How To Prevent Being Hacked Via Backups?

1) divide your eggs in at least two baskets, thoughtfully designed to protect their integrity
2) keep your baskets in physically isolated locations
3) take steps to protect your eggs from theft
4) after retrieving your eggs, inspect them for tampering before using them in your souffle
5) purchase insurance for the off chance you get yolk on your face


+ - India gets $100M of Cisco's cash/20% of its talent->

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coondoggie writes: "Cisco expects a lot out of India. The network giant today it would be investing another $100 million to its venture investment in the country and said up to 20% of its "top talent" will work there in the next four years. And by the way, including India, China the company expects 60-70% growth from such emerging countries. Chairman and chief executive John Chambers unveiled a state-of-the-art data center in Bangalore, Globalization Centre East, which will house more than 10,000 professionals by the year 2010. Chambers said that the development center would have 20% of the company's top talent in the next three to four years to support the growth of its global business. http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/21320"
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