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Comment: Re:Solution (Score 2) 174

by jgeiger (#40364117) Attached to: Samsung Galaxy S3 Face Unlock Tricked By Photograph

Use someone *else's* face as your unlock.

Like Teddy Roosevelt.

And then put that picture as your login screen, so it'll log you in if you point at a mirror.

It'll still be a problem if Zombie Teddy Roosevelt steals your phone, but how likely is that...

So you now have a cell-phone that's only useful near mirrors.

And completely useless if you're a vampire.

Comment: Great release (Score 5, Informative) 110

by jgeiger (#33414110) Attached to: Rails 3.0 Released
A lot of the changes have made the code much more modular. You don't need to include everything if you don't need it. This also allows you to plug in other database adapters if you want. One of the nice routing changes allows you to call Rack or Sinatra applications from within your Rails application. I'm really looking forward to using this going forward.

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