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Comment Re:It worked even better (Score 0) 330

There is a difference between making a mistake in vocabulary and choosing whether or not to follow a rule which is believed to be incorrect. Grammar rules change over time. I hope that this is one of them and I refuse to accept and practice a faulty rule. Your reply was just as "pedantic" as mine. You're instructing that I follow a construct with which I do not agree, and I will do no such thing. The "your vs you're", "there vs their vs they're", et al are commonly-made and consistently-frustrating mistakes that demonstrate a lack of understanding of words. You argue that my "mistake", as you deem it, shows a lack of understanding, and I replied to demonstrate to you that I do not lack the understanding, I lack acceptance. If Phrogman wishes to explain that he rejects traditional English spelling conventions do to their lack of consistency, then I welcome him to do so. If Phrogman, however, was unaware of his error, he certainly is now - be that from my correction or your defense thereof.

Comment Re:It worked even better (Score 0) 330

That's debatable. There are many of us who hold that to be incorrect and moronic. The quotation mark serves to demonstrate something that someone else said. There was no period in that part of his/her text, therefore there shouldn't be one within my quotes. The period signifies the end of my sentence. The quote is a part of my sentence, and not the other way around.

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