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Comment: Re:We Hope (Score 2) 932

by jfelix1010 (#47214925) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary

Look at the number of nuts who have used the word treason to apply to President Obama. At least half of that caused by the president not being snow white in color.

If you really believe that even a sizable minority of the negative feelings about Obama are racially motivated, then you're just mistaken. Sure, the racists are out there, but they are really just background noise.

I live in the south, and I personally know dozens of people who traditionally vote Republican who voted for Obama in 2008 specifically because he is black. My father was one of these people, and he said to me after the election that "it's just time for a black president." If anything, Obama received a huge boost from the fact that he was the first credible black candidate for president, and it helped that his competition was lackluster at best.

No, the people calling Obama treasonous or calling for impeachment are much more likely to be basing this on Obama's actions while in office. By and large, it's not the color of Obama's skin that they're judging, but rather the content of his character.


+ - WellsFargo using js from akamai.net to log on

Submitted by AllBut6
AllBut6 (1190009) writes "I attempted to log in to my Wells Fargo online account last night and the initial page displayed a field for my username, but no field to enter my password. After calls to Online Services I discovered that
1. They were sourcing javascript from servers at akamai.net
2. I was only allowing javascript from WellsFargo only. (I block others with the noscript plugin).

Does anyone else think that Wells Fargo should be hosting all the components on their own site. Especially code related to collecting user signon information?"

+ - Kim Davies Dispels DNS "13 Root Servers" M->

Submitted by
LazloHollyfeld writes "On the official ICANN blog Australian Internet governance and core infrastructure maven Kim Davies sets the record straight... 'So let's dispel these myths. There are not 13 root servers. What there are is there are many hundreds of root servers at over 130 physical locations in many different countries. There are twelve organisations responsible for the overall coordination of the management of these servers. So where does the 13 number come from?'"
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+ - Microsoft's Bill Hilf reveals open source strategy-> 1

Submitted by
willdavid writes "Interview by J. Nicholas Hoover (InformationWeek): The man in charge of Microsoft's strategy for living in harmony with Linux lays out the company's opportunities with open source and the open source business model. InformationWeek recently interviewed Bill Hilf, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT)'s leading light on open source issues. Since coming to Microsoft from IBM in 2003, Hilf has been inextricably involved with Microsoft's strategy for dealing with Linux. He's recently been appointed general manager of Windows Server marketing and platform strategy, which means he's taking on an expanded role, but open source is still one of his core issues. http://www.informationweek.com/news/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=203100965"
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+ - AMD RV670 GPU: New Mainstream Graphics Competition->

Submitted by
Vigile writes "Last month we learned of the NVIDIA G92 8800 GT graphics card that turned in $400 performance for $250 while adding in some new features. AMD wasn't going to miss the boat either and today their new RV670 GPU is being released as both the Radeon HD 3850 and HD 3870 targeting similar performance levels but lower prices. PC Perspective has tested both cards in games like Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Bioshock and several others and found that the lower priced HD 3850 is the real winner, bringing performance nearly twice as good as similarly priced NVIDIA parts. The HD 3870 doesn't do quite as well but still turns out to be a reasonable GPU for the money that uses much less power than the previous AMD R600 cards."
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The Almighty Buck

+ - Four Really Cool Dream IT Jobs

Submitted by
Esther Schindler
Esther Schindler writes "If you could do anything in the computing field, what would it be? Whether it's the perks (free skiing), the technology you get to work with (combining music with social networking), getting paid to do what's otherwise a hobby (VP of Tech at a computer game company), or the socially-rewarding results (helping special-needs athletes), some IT jobs beat all others. CIO.com compiled a list of gigs to lust after... what would you add?"

+ - The small line between quantum and classical world->

Submitted by
kfz versicherung
kfz versicherung writes "On what scale do the quantum world and the classical world begin to cross into each other? How big does an "observer" have to be? It's a long-argued question of fundamental scientific interest and practical importance as well, with significant implications for attempts to build solid-state quantum computers. Researchers at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and their collaborators at the University of Frankfurt, Germany; Kansas State University; and Auburn University have now established that quantum particles start behaving in a classical way on a scale as small as a single hydrogen molecule. They reached this conclusion after performing what they call the world's simplest — and certainly its smallest — double slit experiment, using as their two "slits" the two proton nuclei of a hydrogen molecule, only 1.4 atomic units apart (a few ten-billionths of a meter)."
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Input Devices

+ - Iphone dead zone->

Submitted by surgediadem
surgediadem (1189155) writes "The Iphone has got an issue that PDA phone users will be used to. "After a particularly wet bike ride on Saturday here in the Bay Area, my iPhone got somewhat damp. (You know, the type of rain that soaks through a coat but doesn't ruin anything.) After the ride, I wanted to text people and noticed the top row of the text keyboard was not responding. I had to press, no squish, down to get a letter. And the cursor would flip out. And the screen looked bad when I did so, just like when you press down on an LCD screen too hard.""
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The Military

+ - Laser Humvee, Real Rail Guns Ready for Military->

Submitted by mattnyc99
mattnyc99 (1008511) writes "Some cool news today about lasers and the military—not just gee-whiz, though, because it really sounds like this stuff is going to happen. Boeing just tested a massive laser-mounted Humvee that scorched through the casing of an IED to blow it up before it could detonate by sending an invisible beam 20 times hotter than your electric stovetop—then burned through a couple UAVs for kicks (and to let the Pentagon know it's serious about this laser thing). But for the sci-fi nerds, this is this is the ah-ha stuff: Real-world rail guns are finally here, with enough energy now to launch a solid, nonexplosive projectile at incredible speed across extreme distances—and the Navy is snatching them up. From the article: "BAE Systems and the Navy see rail guns as a perfect match for electrically driven vessels such as the DDG 1000 destroyer, using the onboard capacitors for power. The Marines, in particular, are interested in the potential for railguns to deliver supporting fire from hundreds of miles away, with rounds landing more quickly and with less advance warning than a volley of Tomahawk cruise missiles.""
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+ - Digital music players with external HD?

Submitted by
Juergen Lemke
Juergen Lemke writes "I come to my fellow audio-minded slashdotter's humbled by fruitless search (only this thread comes close). Is there a digital music player out there — other than my laptop : ) — to which you can attach an external hard drive (either USB or Firewire)? I don't need portability, just a device which produces good sound through a pair of decent headphones and which will allow me to (i) listen to music without having to switch on my computer and (ii) access the music stored in an external HD which I can also connect to my GNU/Linux laptop when I want to. Do you know of anything like that?"

+ - The conflict between Java EE and Web 2.0

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A tremendous number of successful enterprise applications have been created using the Java EE platform. But the principles Java EE was designed on don't support Web 2.0 efficiently. This article offers an in-depth understanding of the disconnect between Java EE and Web 2.0 principles and the tools needed to address that disconnect. You can go here for more resources and discussions related to integrating enterprise application development with Web2.0 and Java EE."

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