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Comment Re: Writing 32 lines is not "Learning CS" (Score 1) 287

There's perhaps a distinction between coding and programming being used that you missing (coding: Just writing code. Programming: Designing and building programs). You're right that coding is really accessible - and there's terrific tools that will write most of your code for you. However there's a huge number of people out there coding really awful programs, because the knowledge necessary to understand what the computer is really doing with your code is quite hard to come by, which I believe is necro81's point.

Submission + - Hacker who breached Zuckerberg's facebook account to get US12k

RemyBR writes: The Palestinian hacker Khalil Shreateh, who broke into the Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline to expose a security lapse will be awarded nearly $12,000 but not from Facebook, it will come from an online crowdsourced campaign.

'Let us all send a message to security researchers across the world and say that we appreciate the efforts they make for the good of everyone.', said Marc Maiffret, CTO of BeyondTrust and the starter of the campaign.

It's still possible to donate on the campaign website.

Submission + - Egyptian Tomb Bat May Harbor MERS Virus-> 1

sciencehabit writes: Scientists say they are one step closer to understanding the origins of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), the deadly viral disease that has been spreading in the Middle East for more than a year. They have found a small fragment of the virus's genome in an Egyptian tomb bat from Saudi Arabia, suggesting that these bats are a source of the virus—although another animal species may act as the bridge to humans.
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Comment Re:I'm not even a fan, but (Score 1) 1174

Oh, I noticed every word in your post. Saying that not all Americans are part of a tyrannical mob doesn't preclude the bigotry I pointed out. You conveniently ignore the other countries' mobs, singling out Americans as if it they're especially tyrannical, as I said. Somehow in your undeserved condescesion you missed all those words in my post, its only point.

And pointing out your fallacy and your bigotry it comes from isn't an "attack", it's the mildest reprimand of something I don't like (because it's dislikable). Then there's how you say one person criticizing the logic and spirit of your post is "tyrannical". You should look that word up. Probably look up most of them. Don't bother getting back to me until you can speak English, or some other language Google translates adequately.

Comment Re:I'm not even a fan, but (Score 1) 1174

No, I get joy out of exposing people who are full of shit, and those who are bigots (mostly the same thing). I'm not interested in your backwards "tolerance" fallacy. I'm not tolerant of bigots, and that's not "ironic".

I didn't call you homosexual as an insult. I called you bigot, which is actually an insult, though I meant it as the plain truth - and you didn't seem to be insulted by it. You're the one who says "homosexual" is an insult, though of course you'll now deny that.

I also note you said "what if I was [homosexual]", not "what if I were". A shrink would ask why you're referring to your past homosexuality as definite, not conditional. But what gave you away already was that homophobes like you typically are repressed homosexuals, and repressed homosexuals typically try to keep homosexuals repressed. Too much temptation to bear it seems. Oh, and your choice of insult to me, "asshole", would also keep your shrink busy. You should try one. Or try some homosexuality. If you're not gay, what's the harm? If you are gay, it'll save your life (and the lives of other you help oppress).

Comment Re:I'm not even a fan, but (Score 1) 1174

The rulings protecting gay marriage in California are precisely on Constitutional grounds.

The courts are the ultimate umpire of whether a law or an act is protected or prohibited by the Constitution, the judiciary's role in chain after the specifier of government action (legislative) and its executor (executive) have played their role.

You are a fool, a bigot and an America hater. Shut up already, Osama.

Comment Re:I'm not even a fan, but (Score 1) 1174

The Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution says "[...] nor deny to any person within [any state's] jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.". Those are the words in the Constitution to the effect that all people are equal. Sadly, it took an Amendment, a bloody Civil War, and nearly a century of constituted "liberty" before we got it in there. But we did, nearly a century and a half ago.

Sadly, we're still far from practicing it. But we're closer than ever before, and I think our approach is accelerating. I just hope it's not asymptotic.

Comment Re:current law favors same sex marriage (Score 1) 1174

Because marriage offers many protections, some legal and others social, as well as conventions guiding the behavior of parties within the marriage according to mutually recognized expectations.

Your ignorance of the many benefits of marriage, despite the penalties for violating it, obligates you to look into it more before talking like an authority on it.

Comment Re:I'm not even a fan, but (Score 1) 1174

You're arguing semantics. These people aren't "gender changers", they're "gender identity changers", going to more or less extreme effort to change gender identity cues.

They certainly can pick their gender identity. Many of them do on the basis of an involuntary compulsion that defines their every moment just as much as a person without the compulsion is defined by their own identity - and its voluntary cues. That is who they are, which is different from others.

As long as they're not doing anything to you, why should you care? Why should you even care if someone has surgery to look like a different species, if that's how they feel?

Comment Re:I'm not even a fan, but (Score 1) 1174

That's right: involuntarily identifying completely as the opposite gender is just like thinking you're a different species. And people who cross-gender identify are exactly like people of the opposite gender. That's not a salami, that's a sack of fallacies.

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