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Comment We still have a Windows 95 machine (Score 1) 276

It controls the heating system in one of our buildings. Until we need to replace the system or the computer dies, we have never found a good reason to replace it. It's not internet connected. Unless someone busts down the door because they're tired of wearing a sweater in the A/C, I see no valid reason to move to a more secure system.

Comment Navy flight records for Space Shuttle (Score 4, Funny) 100

I used to work on the system which keep track of Navy flight records. We had to modify it to handle Navy personnel flying on the Space Shuttles. The system only allowed for 99.9 hour flight legs. Since shuttle flights were longer than 100 hours, we had to modify the system to handle them differently if the aircraft was one of the space shuttles. Talk about getting in your flight hours.

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