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Submitted by jfbilodeau
jfbilodeau (931293) writes "Welcome to 1995. The browser war is back and the 'best viewed with...' returns. Microsoft partnered with a number of sites to ensure an 'optimal experience' with Internet Explorer. Most, but not all of the sites showcasing Internet Explorer seem to work fine with Google Chrome on Linux, but the return of 'best view with Internet Explorer' sends shivers down my spine. Are we entering the age of the Browser War 2.0?"
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Comment: Re:Yesbut does it run Linux (Score 1) 236

by jfbilodeau (#48326917) Attached to: CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand

Something like a Surface Pro is useful for its convenience, not its raw power, right?

What conveniences? The OS or the keyboard?

Since the Surface Pro is limited to Windows, that flushes 'convenience' down the tube. On the other hand, if you are referring to keyboard/trackpad, I already have tablets and ultralite that do not have Windows on them. I don't see the convenience there.

If I offered you a Surface that will be a total hassle to work with Linux, or a Surface that was a bit slower but would work in Linux without a hitch, wouldn't you take the latter?

Hassle has never stopped me from using Linux. Now let me be clear that I am not generalizing and speaking strictly for myself: I use Linux because I like being in control of my PC. I'm a professional developer and I dream in C/C++. No matter the hassle, I like to ensure that my computer (table or otherwise) runs the way I like--and that's usually close to the metal.

Again, the above statement is _not_ a generalization but my personal preference. I realize this is not what the vast majority of user wants.

However, this said, I would like to know why someone would want to run Linux as their primary OS in a virtualized sandbox under Windows. Seems like an expensive--and limiting way to run Linux.

Comment: Re:Yesbut does it run Linux (Score 1) 236

by jfbilodeau (#48325287) Attached to: CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand

Hyper-V to run Linux? Sure! Let me spend $$$$$$$$$$ on a tablet just to virtualize my favourite OS and get access to a tiny fraction of what the hardware offers. There are cheaper tablets out there where I can natively install Linux AND get uncompromised access to hardware.

The reality is some people don't want Windows on a tablet (or other computers for that matter).

Comment: Re:He believes in God? (Score 2) 764

by jfbilodeau (#48272253) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Wow. I've known LGTB individual for years, and the lifestyle that you describe is completely new to me. I've don't know a single person that is being a pervert, anal sex, drugs, rape, life constantly centered around sex, acting crazy, misoginy, low morals, irresponsibility, polyamory, huge vector of STDs, generally distrustful, known to play the victim, and the worst of all pederasty. Where did you get this from?

tl;dr: citation, please.

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