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Comment: Re:No G4 Cube? (Score 1) 469

by jetxee (#31153662) Attached to: The Worst Apple Products of All Time

As far as I know no other monitor is even close now. Being able to see 57% more pixels matters. Especially if you are into editing photos. BTW, 2560×1440 is just enough to see 12 MP photos at crispy 50% zoom (assuming 3:2 format). 2048×1152 is not enough even for a nasty 2MP shot (assuming 4:3 format). For games and vi it does not really matter.

But $1600 is too much, IMO. As I don't make money on photos, I am not byuing that screen yet.

Comment: Re:Interoperability among SCMs (Score 1) 310

by jetxee (#30843768) Attached to: What Tools Do FLOSS Developers Need?

hg-git is OK (to use hg as a client for remote git repositories).
hg-subversion interoperation is told to be less reliable (people say bazaar-subversion integration is better).

bzr clients seem to be more or less interoperable with all major VCSes via plugins (bzr-svn, bzr-hg, bzr-git).

darcs and git are not interoperable with anything.

Comment: Real World Haskell & Hg Book (Score 1) 178

by jetxee (#29119235) Attached to: Advice On Creating an Open Source Textbook?

Please check out such books as Mercurial: The Definitive Guide and Real World Haskell. They were freely available when being written and remain such, but in the same time both books were published as usual (on paper) by O'Reilly:

The source code used to create the books is also available. So you may use the same work flow.

Comment: Re:do their own then... (Score 1) 186

by jetxee (#27569757) Attached to: Sun's Phipps Slams App Engine's Java Support

It's not different for Python on Google App Engine. Only a subset of its standard library is available (anything that requires disk access does not work).

So, also with Python one has to code specifically for GAE. The same applies for Java.

But GAE offers free-as-in-beer and ad-free application hosting. It's OK that it is somewhat limited and is not 100% compatible with everything else.

Comment: Re:It exists, but it's rare. (Score 1) 1077

by jetxee (#27420203) Attached to: Shouldn't Every Developer Understand English?

There were some Russian programming languages from the USSR's aerospace community.

Please take a look at some valid literate Haskell code which tells the common Russian fairy tale. It has nothing to do with aerospace, and it is standard modern Haskell. Copy-paste, compile and run.

Another modern example is Chinese Python. Though it is a fork from the standard python.

Comment: Re:can't read ebook without batteries (Score 1) 107

by jetxee (#27402975) Attached to: Questions Linger Over Google Book Rights Registry

Maybe it's just me, but the tech level required to read a book online is pretty high.

It's a matter of distribution of e-books being mostly illegal in the western world. When the means of distribution is not effectively suppressed, it is used by almost everybody. See, for example, (Russian e-books' site).

Add to that the power consumption.

You need some light to read a paper book too.

But given the typical price of a paper book $15, you can consume as much as 150 kWh if you don't buy it. That's a lot of energy. It's enough to keep the laptop on for 100 days. I believe much longer with an e-Ink device. And all these money now is wasted on ineffective legacy distribution network. Eventually, these $15 will be consumed as energy or resources, emitted as CO2 and contribute to toxic land-dump in third-world countries, with an effect probably multiple of what you, personally, can do with 150 kWh (see Multiplier effect)

And the paranoia of knowing the ebook I read today can be changed tomorrow to reflect a different view.

That's why you should download it and keep forever. Forget online readers and DRM schemes, that let you see a page, but don't let you have a _copy_. Hard drives are cheap.

Respectful publishers will sign their e-books.

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