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Comment: Re:Legal considerations (Score 1) 201

Mirrors are the old and crappy fix;

Yes, they are pretty bad. I used to have a bicycle with a mirror, and I rarely could see anything in that mirror because it vibrated too much.

Mirrors work very well on a velomobile. They are near your eye and hardly vibrate due to the short mount.

Comment: Re:Sorry, but... (Score 1) 201

And like the C5 - and the Segway - its few devotees will continue to claim that the problems will be dealt with by re-designing entire cities in order to facilitate their particular mode of transport.

Actually, in the Netherlands and many other countries, cities are redesigned to accomodate more and faster cycling. See this new cycling highway recently built in the Netherlands. Guess what vehicles were used for the opening ceremony.

Comment: Re:Sharing the road (Score 1) 201

I think it is you who never rode a recumbent in traffic. I use recumbents for my daily commute and long trips for ten years now. Even lowracers in a busy city. Since a year i ride a velomobile (a real one, without engine). It is less dangerous than riding a traditional bicycle in traffic. Of course one should never count on being seen, but the main problem with visibility is 'rubber necking'. Drivers don't see anything else but your velomobile. Luckily, I never heard one crash into something until now. *knock knock*.

Comment: Re:Bad move Google... (Score 1) 783

by jesterpilot (#30235278) Attached to: Google Apologizes For "Michelle Obama" Results
I think you should take into account the fact this picture was almost certainly "google bombed". It's childish photoshopping, ugly, not funny and should have been drowned in the thousands of Michelle Obama pictures available on the internet on prominent sites like cnn, wikipedia etc. The fact it showed up on the first page of search results instead of page 43, makes it very likely the search engine was gamed. So Google should have corrected this anyway.

On a side note, Michelle Obama is an ape. Al humans are. For some reason people find this fact offensive. Strange. Probably they missed that interesting book some British dude wrote around 1859.

Comment: Re:What Apple does right (Score 1) 505

by jesterpilot (#30073196) Attached to: Microsoft Responds To "Like OS X" Comment

Apple and Microsoft attack the problem of user interface from two completely different points of view. Microsoft wants things to be orthogonal, logical, menu driven, hierarchical, and otherwise fully featured. Apple takes the approach that the user should not want to fuss with all sorts of menus and submenus he arrogantly thinks he needs (no two button mouse for years!) and just should want to do what Apple discovered they need as simply as possible. So you end up with two completely different interfaces.

Apple's interface is elegant but inflexible. Everything fits into the existing scheme and runs perfectly within that scheme and noone could possibly ever want to do something outside the scheme.

Or is the "fixed your typos"-meme dead by now?


+ - Dark matter in newborn universe doused early stars->

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jesterpilot writes: "Perhaps the first stars in the newborn universe did not shine, but instead were invisible "dark stars" 400 to 200,000 times wider than the sun and powered by the annihilation of mysterious dark matter, a University of Utah study concludes. Of course, this study is an exceptional opportunity for endless slashdot-jokes."
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