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Comment: Re:Fantastic Google Chrome marketing (Score 1) 202

by jesseck (#46755839) Attached to: Mozilla Appoints Former Marketing Head Interim CEO

In regards to his personal and political beliefs, those should not (but probably will) have a bearing on how he leads a company. We don't need a bunch of crowd-pleasing politicians, saying whatever people want to hear, to lead. Mozilla has just shown itself as willing to cave to any demand, and demonstrated its inability to support its employees. Similar to Benghazi (different subject, same concept) - the US Government, regardless who is "at fault", stood by while an Ambassador and CIA Operators were killed without assisting in a meaningful way. So, too, has Mozilla stood by while an employee became a casualty of their personal beliefs. There will be a next time that someone else at Mozilla (or a similar company) is expected to "take one for the team" because of their personal beliefs.

In regards to his choice and consequences, yes, I agree. We can say whatever we want, but there are consequences to every action.

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by jesseck (#46752227) Attached to: Mozilla Appoints Former Marketing Head Interim CEO

But what about the LGBT employees there? The CEO was just one of the employees (and now he's gone) so the only people you're hurting are the other Mozilla employees, why are you so against them?

Because it is fun to bully a company into releasing their CEO. Damn three-letter executives make too much anyways - let's bully their income away with higher taxes for the rich. When we're "sick of bully's and hypocrites", we need to look into the mirror - the shit goes both ways.

This intolerant "tolerance" policy pisses me off... have an opinion and don't be a coward to state it. I have respect for a person who states and stands by their beliefs (regardless of what they are), and doesn't change them because someone else doesn't agree. Just recognize bullying for what it is- I hate hypocrites who are tired of bullying and decide they need to start doing the same.

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by jesseck (#46495981) Attached to: Transformer-Style Scooter Lets You Ride Your Briefcase To Work
If they have a product, they should use actual images of those. Their homepage has fake pictures, done poorly. The man boarding a train? Probably not their market, and his reflection in the train clearly shows no "transformer" scooter. The lady in the airport? Looks like an out-of-place runway model, with unnaturally straight features. Man by the bus, he also has some unnatural characteristics. I understand using props for marketing, or prototypes. To do "press releases " with poor photos is bad form. Then again, I'm not sure who will use this product either, and if it exists beyond a designer's computer.

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As for the other info, I fail to see how my wedding date, educational history, etc. would be particularly useful to a killer.

It depends on how devious the killer is... they may use the home address to kill your dog, kill your spouse on your anniversary, and then off you at a class reunion.

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The reason the cameras were ruled illegal in Springfield was because of the way the tickets were handled- the City treated them as administrative, and not criminal, infractions. While this avoided "points" against your insurance / drivers license. At the same time, as an administrative hearing, there was no appeals process and the evidence for a "conviction" was below the thresholds of a criminal case. The State Supreme Court ruled that the infractions were in fact criminal, and as such the City had to change the way it handles cases. To my knowledge, the cameras are still not used.

Also, Springfield shortened their yellow lights in an effort to "standardize"-

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by jesseck (#43624453) Attached to: Is Buying an Extended Warranty Ever a Good Idea?

It depends- for example, my wife bought me a Nook Color a couple years ago from Staples, and bought the protection plan. About 3 months ago, it wouldn't start. I called Staples and within 2 hours my wife had an email from Staples with a electronic gift certificate for the original purchase price. I replaced my Nook Color running CM10 with a Google Nexus. I bought another protection plan for the Nexus based on that experience.

There are other products I don't purchase them for (such as video games or toys for my kids), because the failure rate is very low, and I'm not into throwing away money.

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by jesseck (#43610121) Attached to: BotObjects Announces First Full-Color Desktop 3D Printer
My thoughts on your (potential) need for a 3D printer is to chose what technology you want your enclosures built with (from the sound of it, using FDM to extrude ABS). From there, find someone / somewhere in your local area that has a printer on par with your budget, and see if they will print you some enclosures or what it would cost. Quality of printers varies widely, and it is good to evaluate the technology within your usage and price point. You also need to consider the product's end-use - if you use milled aluminum today, is 3D printed ABS a viable substitute?

Comment: No Print Images? (Score 5, Informative) 29

by jesseck (#43608983) Attached to: BotObjects Announces First Full-Color Desktop 3D Printer
I checked out the article and website, but there are not pictures of parts printed with the system. Was there no proof-of-concept, just a few photoshopped or empty shells made for these product images? On the other hand, it does look nice, although with 3D Printing looks don't matter that much.

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