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Comment: The other guy made a case for his job (Score 1) 613

by jerryodom (#26521699) Attached to: Do Nice Engineers Finish Last In Tough Times?
I don't agree with people screaming at their employees, taking credit shamelessly and kissing so much ass like the antagonist of todays story did however the not-nice guy did make a case for his job to the management. He feared losing his job and presented a case for himself to upper management.

In my experience if you don't make any noise(good or bad) then nobody knows you're there. I don't think this situation sounds like it had to do with being a nice guy as much as it did being a quiet guy.

Comment: Companies I worked at had me do this (Score 1) 527

by jerryodom (#26372589) Attached to: "Smash Your Hard Drive" To Fight Identity Theft
On more than one occasion when removing old computers we pulled the drives and destroyed them while donating the old PC's. If you think about it then it's really a no brainer. What's the first thing you do when you get a machine that's come out of no place and been previously used? You snoop around for things.

HEAD CRASH!! FILES LOST!! Details at 11.