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Comment Linux desktop architecture is a joke (Score 1) 785

>Recently, on one Devuan box, I noticed that KDE power management (Powerdevil) no longer supported suspend and hibernate.

You know what the problem with that is? Why on earth does KDE even includes power management? And network manager and and and. All those should be just deamons or command line utilities common to all the distros.

Linux is so fragmented it's not even funny. Forked to oblivion.

I fear the day where Apple finally makes OSX as dumb as iOS is. As since Ubuntu switched to unity there's basically no real alternative. It's so sad how fast it went all downhill since what, 2012 or something. Crazy.

And systemd is just another nail in the coffin.

Comment Re:Nostalgic for Windows 7? (Score 1) 640

Uhm my mac is model 2011, never reinstalled it, never cared much for cleaning it or whatever.
Still works pretty ok. I used to reinstall Windows alot. Not sure what it is that Windows is doing wrong, but something is fundamentally wrong with the way installs / updates are managed the system will get clogged no matter what.

Comment Seiza? (Score 1) 235

Funny, I was just exploring alternative options for my office.

I hate chairs. There is no way anybody use chairs "as intended", e.g. straight back etc. It just doesn't work. Sooner or later you'll crumble in one way or another.

I'm 34, but I've been working with computers for 16 years. Right now I have pain in my left arm, and tickling in my fingers. Probably injured nerve in my neck or sth.

Besides, posture is very important also for the mind. Good posture = better concentration. Buddhists, zen-Buddhists and yogis have figured that a long time ago.

  This seems an interesting alternative: http://www.zafu.net/zenoffice.html Not really expensive. I might just order it and try it. I find seiza position quite comfortable, but haven't found any studies on long term health effects. It could slow down blood circulation in legs, which again is not very healthy.

Comment Re:Still at 5 here (Score 1) 204

I think in general there's more inovation in Java EE than Java JRE at this point.

What people don't see is that Microsoft changed c# very much from the early days, trying to compete with Java.
Dynamic types were addedd to support LINQ, which was added to counter the raise of ORM like Hibernate and later JPA.

In reality, MS has no strategy, they are just adding and adding fetaures, which are percived as invoation, but in reality are just lack of platform strategy. Throw it to the wall and se what sticks is what they do.

Comment Re:Closures? (Score 2, Insightful) 204

Way back in the '90s, MS wanted to enable developers to use Java to write Windows apps.

Really? I was around int the '90s and have no recollection of that.

As a result, MS needed to write their own Java-like language for VB-style form designer apps, and came up with C#.

Please, don't be naive. MS first tried to poison Java by proprietary API (the same tactics Google is using in Android). When they failed, they created a copy of Java, invented a "new" language which is for some reason unbelievable similar to Java + some nice features and started the "developers, developers, developers" mantra. They called .net "java killer" internally, BTW.

Java was and still is a major risk for Microsoft.

Comment Re:One area in which I appreciate the Java's power (Score 1) 204

What makes Java special: - it was the first ever platform to unify different platforms and systems under the same umbrella, accessible by the same API - to this day, it still is the only platform on which you can reuse your expertise and develop for anything, from x86 machines to machines like system z and SPARC and even smart phones and smart cards. You know Java? You can work on any of those systems. Aint that something? - Java can run on bare metal hypervisor, without an actual OS (Jrockit virtual edition) - It's also the only true enterprise ready open platform, approved by FSF - It's vendor independent and is going to stay that way, with at least two major vendors behind it (IBM and Oracle). Can you say so what o any of those?

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