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Comment Help us fix the mobile app scrolling (Score 5, Insightful) 384

Hi, I see a lot of you are having trouble with scrolls in the app being detected as clicks on stories. The team here has been trying to reproduce this, but failing. Here's a list of device / browser combinations I've tested:

  • iPhone 4s Safari
  • iPad 1 Safari
  • Nexus7 Chrome
  • Nexus7 Firefox
  • Nexus7 Opera

The concern here is that there's some kind of common scrolling motion we aren't doing that's causing them to get interpreted as clicks. Are you holding your finger down longer? Pausing somewhere in the scroll? Is there horizontal motion in there? Is your scroll more of a flick? We've tried all those things and haven't seen it, so if some of you experiencing the problem would be kind enough to record a video of yourself making it happen (preferably on one of the above devices so we can reproduce it too), that would be great. There is no Slashdot Mobile QA team and our dev team is tiny.

Comment Re:Doesn't work in laptop web browser (Score 2) 384

The mobile site is designed to work on Android and iOS browsers only. We haven't tested it much on desktop browsers, so I wouldn't expect it to work there. You'll see the best experience on the latest version of mobile Chrome/Safari, but it also should function in the latest mobile Firefox and Opera.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 5, Informative) 384

Hi, I'm a mobile dev responsible for the new app. The mobile site chooser popup is designed to go away and not reappear when you choose "Classic" but obviously you guys are not seeing that behavior. We'll get a fix out soon so the site will really remember you don't want to use the mobile app. Sorry about the extra popup in the meantime.

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