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Comment: Thought Exercise (Score 0) 634

by jeffehobbs (#40651011) Attached to: RMS Responds To NPR File-Sharer's Blog

Just imagine if instead of "file sharing," it was "beard sharing". And someone could come along and just get exactly the same length beard as you, just by wanting it! Now who's feeling threatened, not just by Alan Moore, but by all potential beardos everywhere. Now who's livelihood is under attack. Why, we'd probably be so hungry, we'd have to eat things right off our own feet.

Comment: iOS 4's "VoiceOver" function is amazing (Score 1) 274

by jeffehobbs (#33273836) Attached to: Legislation To Make Web Devices Accessible To Disabled Users

I suggest anyone who has interest is seeing what is possible with universal access, check out the iOS's "VoiceOver" mode (triple-click by default in iOS4).

VoiceOver speaks out loud whatever the sight-disabled user hovers over onscreen, then registers the choice via double-click. It's a tremendously effective system and I'm impressed at how universal it is throughout the iOS. Apple is doing some good work here that the rest of the industry would do well to pay close attention to

Comment: Re:The real reason is flash would cost Apple $ (Score 1) 521

by jeffehobbs (#31219680) Attached to: Why Flash Is Fundamentally Flawed On Touchscreen Devices

Ding ding ding ding ding ding!

I love Apple's products as much as anyone, but the above comment's assessment of the situation is dead-on. They *could* make it happen, they certainly could make it an imperfect option, but the real fact is that Apple wants to keep a tight control the delivery of downloadable music, video and games on this platform.

Comment: Re:voice control (Score 2, Funny) 170

by jeffehobbs (#27113925) Attached to: Ideas For the Next Generation In Human-Computer Interfaces

Back when Mac OS 9 had kind-of-sort-of voice control, you could launch programs by putting them in a specific folder. I made an alias for "Unreal" -- which took up 190 MB of RAM and took about 3 minutes to load on my PM 7500. Whenever someone would come over my dorm room to use my computer, I made a point of mentioning very loudly how something was "UNREAL!" -- and then they got to sit there while 'Unreal' loaded, very, very slowly.

Comment: Highly unlikely (Score 4, Insightful) 315

by jeffehobbs (#27112093) Attached to: Apple's iPhone Developer Crisis

The article linked is incredibly vague and seems to presuppose that the trajectory of all open-source projects is up, up, up. While this is possible -- if Google puts the resources into constant improvement, Android certainly will improve -- it presupposes that Apple is going to be standing still. Not so. Apple's iPhone platform is now a moving target, and the year to two-year market advantage is going to be difficult for Android to top.

Google, as much as I love some of their products, has shown themselves to be a bit spotty with support and improvements to many of their initiatives. Everyone understands that mobile is a big deal, but if Google's decides that they can dominate search just as much on the iPhone than on their own platform, it's possible their drive to improve Android will wither.

The fact that the platform is open-source means virtually nothing to consumers, by the way. They simply want to make calls, surf the web and play games.

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