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Comment: Re:Really, about time. (Score 1) 38

by jeff_schiller (#29312977) Attached to: Google To Host International SVG Conference

You need development tools for designers

True. Same goes for Canvas.

few companies have the manpower/skill to create a dynamic (animation-friendly) design/development environment targeted at web *designers*

This is true - there are some IDEs but they are mostly targeted to SVG in the mobile space. This is looking like it's starting to change though.

Canvas is a much simpler and smaller standard

True. Another way of saying this is "SVG is more powerful" ;). See: DOM integration, event handling, linking, styling, fonts, filters. As with everything you have to pick the right technology for what you need.

Browsers that integrate Canvas usually implement it in its entirety"

Nope, see Canvas text API or talk to the Bespin guys.


+ - Google hosts international SVG conference->

Submitted by
stelt writes "Oct.2-4 Google hosts the international conference on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) at its campus in Mountain View, California. The SVG Open conference schedule shows developers and designers of various backgrounds. Major brands, open source projects, universities and individuals are presenting on a variety of subjects like interactive scientific visualizations, mobile web animation art, internationalization and localization in print, geo-systems, etc. What Slashdot earlier reported on in "Google Brings SVG Support To IE" will be presented in more detail during the keynote "SVG in Internet Explorer and at Google"."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Jupp, (Score 1) 412

by jeff_schiller (#25555597) Attached to: Minefield Shows the (Really) Fast Future of Firefox

It really depends where they are in the release cycle. Currently Minefield is stable enough because they are at Firefox 3.1 Beta 2. Months ago, that was not the case. Once Firefox 3.1 is released, that will also not be the case...

Metaphorically's point still stands: Minefield is not a new browser, it simply a nightly build of the Firefox 3.1 codebase and as such, hasn't had the stability testing that the betas and release candidates and even the alphas get.


SkyQube Squared Shakes Up International Calling 59

Posted by kdawson
from the forward-for-pennies dept.
Max Matakino writes " has stumbled across a very interesting box indeed out at CeBIT: 'The SkyQube Squared from Qool Labs is a VoIP gateway that enables you to forward calls and messages made to your mobile phone or landline via SkypeOut to another number anywhere in the world.' This means that if you receive a call to your house phone while you're in China, you can get it forwarded to a Chinese cell phone or telephone for the relatively very cheap price of a SkypeOut call. I'm guessing wireless carriers aren't going to be happy about this one."

+ - Google to remove identifying data from search logs

Submitted by
darkuncle writes "Via techdirt: a couple of Google lawyers have announced via the Google Blog that Google will begin removing identifying data from search logs after 18-24 months in an effort to make logs "much more anonymous". This is particularly interesting in light of recent stories about search log data being used in trials. One wonders (as noted by TechLiberation) how data can be made "more anonymous" — either it is, or it isn't. In any case, law enforcement (especially the U.S. government) will probably be less than thrilled with this development (witness pending legislation and general calls by law enforcement for mandatory data retention, both in the U.S. and abroad)."

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