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+ - Congressman Orrin Hatch caught pirating software

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Rocketship Underpant
Rocketship Underpant writes: "Orrin Hatch, the Congressman viewed by many as a shill for corporate copyright interests, recently stated that people who download copyrighted materials should have their computers destroyed as punishment. However, as reports, Hatch's own website uses copyrighted software without permission — a Javascript menu system developed by a British company. Is Mr. Hatch accepting volunteers to go through his home and office destroying all his computers, or were his comments to Congress just a bunch of hypocritical hot air?"

Comment: Re:dont some use strobe detectors? (Score 5, Insightful) 600

by jeff_d_schneider (#7403414) Attached to: Traffic Light Switcher Makes Critics See Red

I'm actually sitting at the fire station tonight pulling a duty shift for the volunteer squad.

You have NO idea how much it would save in time and safety concerns if everyone would pull to the RIGHT (in the US). G

lad to know there's at least one person out there who gets it!

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