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Submission + - Perl 5.10.0 released->

acid06 writes: "Perl 5.10.0 is now out, the first in the 5.10.x major version series, after a five year long development process. It's currently being mirrored on CPAN.

From the posting: "Perl 5.10 isn't just a bug fix version: it's full of new features that I'm eager to use: named captures in regular expressions, state variables for subroutines, the defined-or operator, a switch statement (called given-when, though), a faster regex engine, and more. You can read more about the changes in perldelta."

This is great news for all of us Perl hackers around."

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Submission + - Linux Journal Gets New Editor

An anonymous reader writes: The LinuxJournal Forums confirm that Nicholas Petreley is no longer Editor of LinuxJournal. After the scathing and divisive remarks in his /etc/rant column, the brain-dead Gnull and Void "hillbilly advice column", the wasteful attempt to re-size the magazine to add an inch of white space around each page, and various other atrocities, a number of subscribers had pledged to drop their support of the magazine. Perhaps it's time to take another look. This terse posting on the forums is the only mention anywhere of the change of editorship which is a departure from the past two editorial changes were grandly announced in the magazine.

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