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Comment: Re:I'd expect Fawkes masks to start making stateme (Score 2) 204

by jeek (#48615983) Attached to: Single Group Dominates Second Round of Anti Net-Neutrality Comment Submissions

Where I work, everyone's health care went up about 40% on average last month, with everyone getting either equal or worse coverage than they had previously. I think the ACA was a necessity, but premiums certainly did spike for a lot of people.

+ - Slashdot Forgets to Renew SSL Certificate->

Submitted by jeek
jeek (37349) writes "It expired yesterday.

Starting Nmap 6.40 ( http://nmap.org/ ) at 2014-05-24 16:01 UTC
Nmap scan report for www.slashdot.org (
Host is up (0.050s latency).
rDNS record for star.slashdot.org
443/tcp open https
| ssl-cert: Subject: commonName=*.slashdot.org/organizationName=Dice Holdings, Inc/stateOrProvinceName=New York/countryName=US
| Issuer: commonName=GeoTrust SSL CA/organizationName=GeoTrust, Inc./countryName=US
| Public Key type: rsa
| Public Key bits: 2048
| Not valid before: 2013-04-21T04:25:05+00:00
| Not valid after: 2014-05-23T22:49:50+00:00
| MD5: 485c ed76 9008 56be 3820 849c 2d2e ee73
|_SHA-1: 18f2 bcaa a238 bbf3 429e 6d2b 9d2c bd74 6085 02e4

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.41 seconds"

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Comment: Re:Actually, this is good news. (Score 2) 467

by jeek (#38300978) Attached to: Bill Gates To Help China Build Traveling Wave Nuclear Reactor

[Citation needed]

Citation in the article you linked to. Check out the first sentence after the table of contents?

On second thought...

"Mao Zedong encouraged population growth and China's population almost doubled from around 550 to over 900 million during the period of his leadership."

"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds." -- J. Finnegan, USC.