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by jedrek (#47303781) Attached to: The Bursting Social Media Advertising Bubble

There is literally one metric that counts with advertising, no matter what agencies, media houses or publishers tell you - sales. Everything else is BS. If your advertising does not increase sales (be it by increasing brand awareness, engagement, education, market segment creation, etc), you're just throwing money away.

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I'd personally much rather have a single credit rating database, run by an accountable government body with clear rules and regulations concerning who has access to my data and how, along with a clear-cut procedures for updating and correcting the data, than the status quo: three private, opaque, for-profit organizations that are not accountable to any public entity.

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by jedrek (#43823931) Attached to: Spain's New S-80 Class Submarines Sink, But Won't Float

There should be a national sales tax. That's it, nothing else. You should not be charged for earning, saving or investing money.

Yeah, that's a great way to increase the tax burden on the poorest while offloading it off the richest AND enticing them to not spend money. Do you even think about the second or third layer effects of any of your decisions?

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That reminds me of an encounter I had with some vegan drinking a soy latte while I was talking to a friend about a new burger place I went to that had great, locally sourced beef, pork and vegetables. She launched into some spiel about how beef is bad for the environment since on the same acre you can grow 10x more soya or whatever. I replied saying that may be true, but here in Europe we're not lacking in arable farm land, and it might be shocking to learn, but importing coffee from South America and soy from Asia isn't exactly ecologically neutral either, is it? We didn't get along after that.

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by jedrek (#43158099) Attached to: High Tech Vending Machines Transform IT Support At Facebook

I don't understand why everybody assumes that there's some kind of sinister going-ons behind having users ID themselves when getting equipment. Facebook is a data-driven company, why wouldn't they want to have this kind of data? You can automate procurement, so you effectively never run out of equipment. You can see what kind of equipment your users prefer. And the realization that you're not completely anonymous keeps people honest - not just as far as theft goes (and I can assure you, it doesn't matter how much people make, they will steal the most trite, insignificant crap), but general absentmindedness or practical jokes.

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For every Gates or Zuckerberg, there's thousands more who don't succeed, but no one thinks about them.

Exactly this. And what's odd is that these same people would completely tear into their contemporary if he said, "I'm going to play in the NBA". Statistically, that ball-playing kid has a better chance of making it in the NBA, then any of those geeks has a chance of becoming the next Jobs, Woz, Gates or Zuck.

The reality is that a programmer who isn't a genius, but is capable, on time, able to write clear code and come in punctually every day, while being sociable and capable of working well with others... they're the ones who are making bank and able to pick and choose between job offers.

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You... don't know. Here's a list of a couple hundred printers [] that work with the iPad

The vast vast majority do NOT, unless you do some crazy hacks to set up an AirPrint service on your laptop to make it act like a print server for IOS. There are literally thousands of printers out there, and most are not AirPrint compatible.

Oh man, this is like an echo chamber from 10-15 years ago. The vast majority of printers were not supported by Linux for years and years, now most of them are due to CUPS. You know, that system created by Apple. Anyway, I had to google printer support for iPads (although I had heard they have it) because in 2012... I don't print documents. I've had to print 2 sheets of paper since summer 2011, I just emailed them to the print shop and had them printed out for me.

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What planet are you from? Seriously? Alternatives to Windows are in direct, close competition since there's not a whole lot of them and since Apple is ungodly expensive and Linux is free

Can we stop with the FUD again? If Linux is free then Apple is damn cheap since Mountain Lion clocks in at a whopping $20. Windows is extremely expensive, with Win 7 Pro Upgrade coming in at $170.

If we're talking about hardware then realize that Linux does not compete with Apple as pretty much nobody no major retailer offers ready-to-go desktop products with Linux installed. Now, I have no qualms about calling Apple PC hardware a premium priced product. Please do realize that they have a total of 7 product lines, two of which don't actually exist among any other manufacturers - I'm referring to the MBP Retina and Mac Mini. Their ultrabooks are priced between Asus ($900) and Sony ($1800) for the $1100 MBA I bought last year. That's not 'ungodly expensive', it's middle of the road and it came with a Unix installed.

You know what, prove me wrong. Show me the market where Apple is working against Linux on the desktop. The marketing strategies they've used to go after it, to combat it.

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it's that there's no mouse and keyboard or printing support (as far as I know)

You... don't know. Here's a list of a couple hundred printers that work with the iPad, here is a roundup of keyboard/case solutions for the iPad from The Verge. I'm not going to search for mouse setups for a multi-touch device for various reasons.

You know what really bugs me about your post? Since the first time I logged into slashdot, I've been reading about cases of FUD working against Linux and Open Source Software. Now I'm seeing Linux and Android fanboys with their heads up their asses, spreading the same kind of FUD. "Oh, as far as I know, it doesn't work with external keyboards." sure brings me back to the times of, "It seems to me that if it was good, they'd charge money for it."

It's kinda sad that Apple hates on Linux then actually released a product that's less functional, less flexible, and less compatible with other software than Linux.

Apple hates on Linux? Linux isn't even on Apple's radar. What they've made is a product that's more functional and flexible than a phone, while being considerably more portable than a laptop. They weren't trying to create a new laptop, they were aiming for a product between laptops and phones. Most people have extremely low demands of their computers. Email, Skype, a browser and a photo editing application. Hell, my girlfriend is technical enough to fix her own router, but I haven't seen her do anything on her laptop that she couldn't do on a tablet in the four months we've been living together.

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