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Comment: OAM/Core Id is the reason (Score 1) 128

by jedilowe (#31571544) Attached to: Oracle Shuttering OpenSSO
Oracle has another tool for SSO, used to be called Core Id and changed to Oracle Access Manager. It is kind of a crappy product, but does work OK. It has a terrible interface, poor deployment model, and terrible integration to app servers, but otherwise works well. I am betting this more than anything is why they are killing open sso.

Comment: Not really 'costing' money (Score 1) 299

by jedilowe (#29044215) Attached to: Database Error Costs Social Security Victims $500M
It seems to me that the error probably nets money, as they did not have to pay $500M for a while, so they had that much extra cash on hand... it may be throwing off budgets, but if the software was correct, they would have been paid, and the deficit higher, and we would have been paying interest? 8)

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