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Comment: Moron Judge (Score 1, Interesting) 118

by nurb432 (#47423155) Attached to: Judge Shoots Down "Bitcoin Isn't Money" Argument In Silk Road Trial

Its not *money*, its just simple bartering. in this case for objects that people agree on is valuable ( like pez dispensers, game tokens, or Gold Pressed Latinum ) Now, can trading in illegal/stolen items get you put in jail, sure. But its not *money* laundering. ( i think the correct term in most areas would be 'criminal conversion' )

Much like 'piracy is theft', while it may be illegal to do so, its still not *theft* because the term is used.

This perversion of terms and concepts is dangerous. It only leads to more loosely defined terms of illegality and more people subject to the governments wrath.

Comment: Do they have any choice? (Score 1) 245

Last i heard, if you dont protect your trademark you lose it. I dont think there are any 'humanitarian exceptions' to that rule.

However, they could 'lease' the rights to his family to use it, lets say for a dollar... Then they dont look like jerks, and dont risk the legal implications for inaction.

Comment: Re:It's Intended (Score 1) 136

by nurb432 (#47392737) Attached to: Amazon Fighting FTC Over In-App Purchases Fine

Not supporting them is your right.

Them supporting their customers is their right. If their customers have issues, then they need to not use the products. I still suspect you have a severe issue with control and are staying away to avoid the problem. But hey, admitting you have the problem ( and avoiding triggers ) is the first step to recovery, so i commend you on that.

Comment: Re:The Amazon AppStore Auto-consent (Score 1) 136

by nurb432 (#47392627) Attached to: Amazon Fighting FTC Over In-App Purchases Fine

Not only do you grossly overestimate your intelligence, you don't even pass the self-awareness test. Clearly you do care if people agree with you, otherwise, you wouldn't be here spouting off. That is a basic concept of communication.

You mistake my dictation of reality and now they should think to the peasants, as 'caring'. Its not. Really.

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