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Comment: Perhaps a better question would be... (Score 2) 627

by jdkc4d (#46327689) Attached to: Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?
Perhaps a better question might be what is the best way to teach someone how to code? With or without an IDE? The first language I learned in college was C, and we wrote C inside of pico. It was a huge pain in the ass, but it made you have to know what you were doing. If I am writing C# these days, I love the auto-complete features in Visual Studio. I wonder though, if I had learned in an IDE first, would I be less likely to use a language that maybe doesn't have an IDE? When I build UI's in Visual Studio, I just use the drag and drop system. I dislike having to go and edit those generated files when I need something to be a particular way. Assuming everyone is as lazy as me, I would wager that someone that has only used an IDE is considerably less likely to try their hand at a new language if doesn't have an IDE.

Comment: Really its all about the desktop (Score 1) 513

by jdkc4d (#46024481) Attached to: HP Brings Back Windows 7 'By Popular Demand' As Buyers Shun Windows 8
I guess someone at Microsoft believed the hype about it being all about tablets, and tablet OS's. They keep saying crap like PC's are dead....blah blah blah. They still sold more PC's in the last quarter than all of the ipads that have been sold in total ever. I still go into work everyday and sit down at a PC. Not a tablet...not some weird ass touch screen thing, a normal windows computer...running windows 8. Thats right...I'm using 8...well 8.1. But here's the thing, there is no way in hell I would push out a Win8 image to my users right now. Everything is in a different place. Why is there a metro control panel that does only some things, but you have to go to the real control panel to do others? UG One OS to rule them all isn't paying off so well for Microsoft. I haven't heard anything about Windows phone in a while. Windows 8 is still being treated as the evil stepchild. I am hoping 9 takes us back to a place where computers have an OD, and devices have an OS. It's time. Let's get it done. And once that's done, we need to take a look at this OS release cycle, I think this is the root of the problem. We aren't updating, we are overhauling everything. We are trying to come up with crazy ass ideas to replace the wheel that already works. Let's get back to basics.

Comment: Software Screens? (Score 1) 520

by jdkc4d (#45917757) Attached to: 4K Is For Programmers
Ok here is what I want. I'll take the 4K display, but I want it to curve around in much the same fashion as if I just had 3 monitors. Next, I want some kind of software built into my OS, not the screen that will allow my to arbitrarily set boundaries for what I am going to call different screens (software screens?). When I move a window to the location specified on the display as being one of those screens and maximize it should maximize only to the resolution of that screen, not to the size of the entire display. Also, I think it probably needs to be touch enabled. I mean, why not. I think this could be helpful. And sure, it would cost way too much to do it now, but this is technology, and it has a tendency to go down in price after time.

Comment: Kind of a timely topic (Score 1) 892

by jdkc4d (#44578075) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is It OK To Not Give Notice?
At my current employer, they require 4 weeks notice. This gives them the time to repost your position, start interviews etc. For much of my time here, when in a position that I enjoy, I have felt that 4 weeks, though long is ok. You never know where you are going to end up in, in life and having the ability to go back to a place you have worked before might happen. On the other hand, I have also been in a few positions that I did not like, where I have been treated unfairly, and have many times contemplated being able to give less notice when changing positions or jobs. I think you need to ask yourself what are the benefits of doing either. Clearly if your new position comes with a higher salary, you probably want to move quickly, but are you going to be screwing over your current employer? What about your coworkers? What about friends you have made?

Comment: They should really just use the code names (Score 1) 491

by jdkc4d (#43722331) Attached to: Windows Blue Is Officially Windows 8.1, Free For Existing Users
I have long thought that the code names they give their products, are somehow more interesting the the name they give their release products. With as much press as we have seen about "Windows 8," I would think they would want to distance themselves from that name. Why not call it Windows Blue? Whistler, Longhorn, etc. These were all better names than what they came out with.

Comment: BN doesn't really make money on the tablet anyway (Score 1) 157

by jdkc4d (#43681757) Attached to: Microsoft May Acquire Nook Tablet Business From Barnes and Noble
I think that this makes sense, at least from BN's standpoint. They keep having to drop the cost of the nook to compete, and it turns out they really don't make any money on the device anyway. The whole point of it is so they can sell their books. That's where they make money. Since you can download the nook software on just about any device, why actually have one? As for Msft buying them out. That's a win for BN, and a loss for Msft. Other than the name, I don't see any real reason my Msft would want to purchase it.

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