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Comment: Wha...? (Score 2) 229

by jdharm (#44415697) Attached to: ASCAP Petitions FCC To Deny Pandora's Purchase of Radio Station

ASCAP also alleges that Pandora has no intention of operating KXMZ to serve the public interest, but is rather only interested in obtaining lower royalty rates.

A company wants to operate a radio station to make money?! Holy sh*t, this MUST be stopped!

No, not you Clear Channel.

Didn't mean you Entercom.

Of course not you, CBS.

You're fine, Cumulus.


Comment: MSE (Score 1) 294

by jdharm (#44295691) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Light-Footprint Antivirus For Windows XP?
Microsoft Security Essentials It's pretty heavy to install on a limited machine, but once you get it going you don't notice the performance hit and it's as good as any out there. Before MSE came along I recommended F-Prot. It is a subscription, but nothing I found could touch it on an old slow machine for low overhead AND effectiveness.

Comment: Re:what's torture? (Score 1) 768

by jdharm (#43938969) Attached to: Seeking Fifth Amendment Defenders

The Fifth Amendment only addresses the competency problem as it applies to one type of evidence, and still leaves courts dealing incompetently with every other type of evidence.

So since the 5th doesn't solve every problem, only one, then it has no value and should be thrown out?

If judges are really so incompetent that they don't understand how someone can become flustered...

Let me stop you right there. It could be argued that judges are, as a group, above average intelligence (*citation needed) and would understand this. The problem is that we all get trials by a jury of our idiot peers, who are by definition at least 50% below average intelligence. If we're tried by an bunch of intelligent, competent, fair persons then sure, make 'em talk. The problem is that we're being tried by a bunch of common people ("A person is smart; people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.") in circuses presided over by the most reviled members of our society (lawyers) and the ones of that cabal who fought their way to the top (judges).

In that environment, I'd like the right to keep my mouth shut, thank you very much.

Comment: Re:So do something about it. (Score 1) 525

by jdharm (#43330249) Attached to: Fighting TSA Harassment of Disabled Travelers
Amen. I haven't stepped foot on a plane in many years now. Amtrak picks me up in my home town, drops me off on the other side of the continent within a mile or two of where I want to go. Not once do I have to deal trying to get through a "security" checkpoint while trying feverishly to make sure I don't lose my kid, my bag, or my liberty, or all of the above. Like a victim of abuse, the first few times I traveled without the constant harassment I felt completely disoriented, waiting for the hand I didn't see to knock me down; I just knew the blows were coming at some point. That's just they way it is, right? Now, traveling is relaxing and enjoyable once again. I'd forgotten what it was like.

FYI, Amtrak has a pretty sweet rewards system; I haven't paid for cross-country travel since I left the airlines. Our family runs all our expenses through a Chase card that we pay off at the end of the month & earn Amtrak points (yes, I know, bad for the credit rating) and when shopping online - especially for work - I use vendors that offer Amtrak points on purchases (click-through referrals from the Amtrak site), many times multiple points per $. Google "amtrak guest rewards".

Comment: Slow down there... (Score 0) 311

by jdharm (#42388451) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Android Apps For Kids Under 12 Months?
Plenty of time for exposure to tech. At 6 months that kid's brain has only just now figured out the difference between sounds and colors. She's so interested in that tablet because every time that a notification dings and causes a popup she hears butterfly pudding and tastes blue sandpaper. She's been in a perpetual state of synesthesia while her brain tries to figure out what the heck is going on and that tablet is a source of all kinds of weirdness. She's not "interested" in tablets, she's trippin' balls.

And she still needs to figure out how the world works. Experiments show that children that young can have an intuitive grasp of physical laws, like how gravity works. That kid needs training in the real, 3D world, not the fantastic, inconsistent, 2D world in a tablet. Not to mention the emotional training that can only come from other ugly bags of mostly water.

Comment: Re:Why this and not that? (Score 1) 96

by jdharm (#42182947) Attached to: Splashtop's Cliff Miller Talks About Their New Linux App (Video)
Thanks for the replies. Saved me a couple 'learn the hard way' episodes.

1) Disconnect issue - I kind of had it in my head the X over SSH was for doing things I wasn't afraid to loose & was going right to the console for permanent system-wide changes. Good to know I had a reason for doing that.

2) Speed - My servers and I reside in the sticks of Arkansas. There is no such thing as "slow" here. It's all "normal" and "wow!" to us, so this one is kind of a non-issue for me. (To give you an example of the situation: some guy dug up one cable and 4 counties in NE Arkansas lost all connection to the outside world: cell phones, land lines, internet, everything. We were like Syria for about 8 hrs. Not that anyone but us noticed.)

3) DXPC - Nice. I'll make that next on my list of things to try.

Comment: I finally like Linux. (Score 1) 867

by jdharm (#41469083) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Distros Have You Used, In What Order?
Mandrake > SUSE > Knoppix > DSL > CentOS > Ubuntu I'd try it, get dicouraged & quit for 6 months, try again, get discouraged & quit for 6 months...been doing this for just over a decade. Guess I'm one of those people waiting for the desktop to mature. I finally like Linux enough that I feel like if you took away Win & Mac I'd be fine with that.

Comment: So what if they don't know how it works? (Score 1) 479

by jdharm (#37641394) Attached to: Does Italian Demo Show Cold Fusion, or Snake Oil?
I'm sick of hearing people getting pooh-pooh'd because there is a "lack of published science to explain the claimed effect". So what? Take a look at the documentation of the vast majority of the drugs you are popping into your piehole. You know what the most common phrase you will find in that stack of information is? "The mechanism of action is unknown." or something similar. Just because no one can explain how it works doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Wait for them to fall on their face before you start kicking them.

+ - What can I do when I know who stole my identity?->

Submitted by jdharm
jdharm (1667825) writes "Short of vigilantism, what can I do when I've caught identity thieves and the authorities don't care? I had my credit card cloned within 7 days of its issue to me and without my ever having used it. I had dates, times, store locations, signed receipts (!) and video tape of the perpetrators, but law enforcement local to my area and where the cloned card was used said is wasn't worth their time because the dollar value was so low. The company I work for had a group in FL place orders with us using stolen cards and gave us physical addresses for delivery. Again, the authorities said is wasn't worth their time. At one point I had PD local to the thieves on one line and the thieves on the other giving me the 3rd stolen card number that day. The PD said they recognized the address as one they'd pulled stolen goods from the week before but the value of the orders they were placing with us was so low that it wasn't worth their time! Since this crossed state lines, involved the internet (wire fraud) and involved one card holder who had lost over $30,000 I called the FBI and they it wasn't worth their time. The agent sympathized with my frustration but said he could put together an iron clad case against these people but no one would prosecute it because the dollar value, tens of thousands, was so low that it wasn't worth anyone's time. It infuriates me that these people can steal with impunity. What can I do when I know who they are and where they are but no one cares?"
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+ - Nook color bricked following 1.2.0 update->

Submitted by jeffviper
jeffviper (2042872) writes "Looking at the official Barnes and Nobles board, a lot of users experiment a quick rebooting and reset of their device just after connecting to the Wifi.

Every piece of data stored onboard is erased and the device is deregistered automatically. By then, it is impossible to reconnect to Barnes and Noble to register the componnent again due to two issues : website does not respond to request and Wifi connection doesnt stop to stop and to restart.

It BN-pocalypse !!!!"

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+ - Nintendo Chief: Consumers Don't Understand 3DS Yet-> 1

Submitted by
gabbo529 writes "Nintendo's latest financial results reveal that initial sales for the first ever 3D gaming system have been underwhelming at best. What's the reason? Nintendo chief executive Satoru Iwata says consumers have yet to fully understand the console's 3D capabilities, even when trying it out. Others think it might have something to do with the console's high price ($250) and the lack of big-name titles available (Mario and Zelda are not yet out)."
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Comment: Simple answer, little editorializing... (Score 1) 898

by jdharm (#35634190) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Choose a Windows Laptop?
I'm going to answer the original question as posed. You choose a Windows laptop by process of elimination, kind of like the Mac/PC commercials show. The commercial was snarky but not far from the truth. With the breadth of the field you have to choose from this is the only way to do it.

First, establish your budget and eliminate everything not in that range. "Solid" is the $400-800, "awesome" range is $800-1500, "gigitty" range is $1500+. Loosely.

Non-negotiable specs: 4GB RAM, Windows 7.

Can go either way: Intel i5/7 or Core 2 Quad - Core 2 Duo 2GHz+ if you must - as your budget allows. For general use it doesn't make much difference at this point. (Its been a long time since I've had any computer where I felt like the processor was the bottleneck in a general purpose machine's performance.)

Find out if there are any features she can't do without, like backlit keyboard (I didn't think it was a big deal but now I'll never go back.), trackpoint, super thin, super light, super long battery life, etc. With Windows PCs the bewildering array of machines is usually the result of one unique feature per model line. For every new feature a manufacture comes up with they build a model line around it. If you find out what particular things she just can't do without then a couple models may jump out of the crowd.

When you've narrowed the field down to a few models check the manufacturer forums and sales outlets feedback and see if you can spot any patterns in the complaints or kudos. Random gripes and generally worded pooh-poohing don't mean a thing...anything that pops up repeatedly is a problem that will eliminate a model from consideration.

At this point you should have it narrowed down to a handful of machines. Pull out the one machine you think is styled best for each unique or cool feature. Present the short list, along with the best pics you can find so she can see styling, to your wife and have her pick.

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