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Comment Re:RIP Best Buy (Score 2) 399

My son used to work at Best Buy. He said the managers at his store purposely had a TV connection screwed up to show a bad picture, and they were instructed to tell customers is was because of cheap cables. They were also ordered to push expensive cables on TV buyers or risk being reprimanded, and being made fun of at team meetings.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 2) 945

Second, where do conservative commentators have their greatest strength, in terms of market penetration, viewership numbers, etc? Radio and Cable. On the radio, there is pretty much Right win talk, apolitical top-40 pop drivel, and NPR coming in a distant third. On cable, you have the rabid ideologues on Fox, and the slightly more respectable-looking "centrist" corporatistists elsewhere. The left pretty much has comedy central.

The left has a pretty good hold on cable too. CNN & MSNBC are pretty far left. Unfortunately, I dont think we even have a "centrist" news station any more. The only reason the left doesnt hold onto talk radio is because nobody wants to listen. They tried with Air America, which was FAR more "left" than FOX is "right". But Air America pushed themselves over the edge with batshit nutty people like Randy Rhoads.

Comment Re:The U.S. Constitution (Score 3, Insightful) 414

I think you're looking at this from the wrong perspective. It isn't the ISPs that are pushing for it, even though they will benefit...

It's the MIAA and RIAA that are pushing for it. They're banking on making it expensive to pirate media in order to diminish how often it happens!

I think this would encourage piracy. If a person has to pay as they go, wouldn't it be cheaper to download a single compressed file, maybe even of lower quality, instead of streaming with commercials & all the other crap?

Comment So what is the goal here? (Score 1) 478

Are they looking to arrest parents that buy videogames for their kids? Because I don't buy the idea that parents don't know what games their kids are buying. Games are expensive. The parents give them the money or buy the game for the kid in most cases. They see them playing it. I think this is just an agenda for the holier-than-thou to force their views on others.

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