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User Journal

jdb2's Journal: This just in : Either the mods are morons or my humor sucks

Journal by jdb2
Well, I decided to test my sense of humor today by posting something jocular and on-topic. Apparently, either my humor suuuuuuuucks or the mods were particularly clueless. Just look or do a search for scatological and sexual humor on /. and you'll find loads of +5 Funny 's. Particularly ironic is the fact that you'll find that when the above gets combined with any Star Trek reference, it's almost always up-modded. Well, like I said, either my humor does indeed suck donkey balls or the mods are clueless as usual. Their brains were apparently unable to find this obvious line of thought, at least for the "Off Topic" part :

Nanotubes -> nanoprobes -> Borg -> Star Trek Voyager -> 7 of 9 -> Joke involving nanoprobes and 7 of 9's huge pleasure pillows.

Oh well.

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This just in : Either the mods are morons or my humor sucks

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