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Comment: Re:Windows Godzilla ! (Score 1) 117

by jd2112 (#47520375) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

Only 1.5 TB and it will run on ANYTHING (with 8x8 core processors and 32GB of RAM). Of course it still comes in 24 different variations that all licensed differently.

Do you hear that?
That was the sound the orgasmic bliss of thousands of Oracle sales reps imagining what the license fees for such a hardware configuration would cost.

Comment: Re:Yay.. This is easy to imagine (Score 1) 117

by jd2112 (#47520355) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

Definitely a lot of truth there. But... come on - opening a PDF is a breeze (in win8) -- it's just is a full-screen "app". At least we *CAN* open a PDF without Adobe or yet another 3rd party tool.

I'd rather run Adobe Reader, He'll I'd rather run Adobe Flash, than the Windows 'Modern/Metro' interface.

Comment: Re:Pretty low (Score 5, Insightful) 74

Exploiting the technical ignorance of elderly congressmen by lying about the technical needs of deaf folks.

Its pretty scummy tactic. Unfortunately for Verison disabilities activists can be INCREDIBLY noisy when they are shat upon, so I doubt our deaf friends are going to tolerate this guff at all.

Go deaf dudes!

Tomorrow Verizon will claim that orphans, puppies, and disabled war veterans will be harmed by net neutrality. And if the net is neutral, THE TERRORISTS WIN!

Comment: Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 1) 253

by jd2112 (#47481311) Attached to: New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

Fresh fruits taste like shit?


steamed veggies.


Multigrain bread


colby jack cheese, lettuce and tomato tastes like shit? Oats stirred with sliced banana, raisins, greek yogurt and vanilla for breakfast tastes like shit?

Yes to all of those.

Translation: If it's not shit it tastes like shit.

Comment: Re:So (Score 2) 310

They lied about the drone flying at and following the helicopter. It was, in fact the helicopter that flew recklessly at the drone. IOW, the NYPD falsified their report in order to make an arrest.

It sounds like a high tech version of 'The suspect repeatedly struck my fist with his face'.

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