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Comment Re:This is the future... (Score 1) 140

My Republican and my Democrat associates all seem inclined to believe in the need to have the freedom to encrypt our documents.

I don't tend to hang around with extremists and idiots

danger! danger! contradiction alert!

Most Republicans and Democrats are not extremists or idiots.
It does however appear to be a requirement for those running for higher offices.

Comment Re:Limited unlimited (Score 3, Informative) 228

The problem is that often they have been granted monopoly status but rarely are they held to the same standards that other monopoly utilities (power, gas, landline phone, etc.) are held to, such as requiring universal coverage within their service area rather than just the most profitable parts, approval required from some governing board before rate hikes, etc.

Comment Re:13 minutes off, 27 hours per day (Score 1) 236

The Great Leader doesn't want to conform to imperialist standards, so his new standard is 13 minutes off hours, and its days are 27 hours long so his people can work longer hours. Also, the Gread Leader made Earth rotate slower, to match is new time standard. On His birthday, as his PR agency announced, Earth will stand still for an hour out of respect for the Great Leader. This is all true, I kid you not.

I saw a report the other day of NK having sent an astronaut to Saturn who landed and planted the NK flag and collected some rock samples.
Neat trick being a gas giant.

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