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Comment Re: Carly Fiona (Score 1) 203

s/make money/make her money and leave the shareholders, er, citizens with a big mess after she leaves office/

When she was fired, after making that mess, she got a 21.4 million severance package. Imagine making more money for being shitcanned than most of us will make in our lifetime.

I can only hope to someday f*ck up so badly that someone will pay me $21M to go away...

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 317

if you fail to watch your amino and mineral balance, you can have really bad things happen, such as blindness.

I think that mental blindness appears before real blindness, often Vegans are no different from religious fanatics which also are similar to zombies.

What do vegan zombies eat? Obviously not brains.

Comment Re:This is the future... (Score 1) 145

My Republican and my Democrat associates all seem inclined to believe in the need to have the freedom to encrypt our documents.

I don't tend to hang around with extremists and idiots

danger! danger! contradiction alert!

Most Republicans and Democrats are not extremists or idiots.
It does however appear to be a requirement for those running for higher offices.

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