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Comment Re:The influence of power on the human ego (Score 1) 823

I don't think its power abuse we're seeing here. Its more like the Dunning–Kruger effect.

These young'uns have learned enough to grok a tittle of what it takes to be a successful software engineer and think "This is easy!" since the majority of people who started on the CS track dropped back to a business major after they got stumped on the first "Hello World" program.

The arrogance will subside in time, once you're forced into a world where your cafeteria card requires funding and your student loans must now be paid...


Morphing Metals 121

aarondubrow writes "Imagine a metal that 'remembers' its original, cold-forged shape, and can return to that shape when exposed to heat or a magnetic pulse. Like magic out of a Harry Potter novel, such a metal could contract on command, or swing back and forth like a pendulum. Believe it or not, such metals already exist. First discovered in 1931, they belong to a class of materials called 'shape memory alloys (SMA),' whose unique atomic make-up allows them to return to their initial form, or alternate between forms through a phase change."

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