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Comment: Re:WWJD? (Score 1, Troll) 1168

by jbssm (#49372157) Attached to: Apple's Tim Cook Calls Out "Religious Freedom" Laws As Discriminatory
Sincerely I cannot understand how this is modded informative. There is absolutely no factual data that supports what you just said. Sure, the bible implies what you described, but well, it's the bible, and the day we'll start to take the bible as "factual data" in Slashdot will be the day logic gets shattered to pieces.

Comment: Re:And this kids, is why you should pirate all mus (Score 1) 386

Yes and somehow you still got Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Bizet... want me to continue the list?

Music worked fine without copying for centuries, many forms of art still do now-a-days, or do you think that sculptors, painters and the such get to copy their works ad infinitum for a living?

This copyright society so toughly enforced by the music industry is only here to favour exactly the industry, not the artists.

Comment: And this kids, is why you should pirate all music (Score 2) 386

This is an abhorrent verdict. It will make indie composing basically impossible since no small musician alone can just check his songs for "resemblance" with previous titles, and worst, we will be always in danger of having a devastating lawsuit against him at any given time just because some record labels thinks that is music "resembles" something they produced before.

Seriously, don't pay for music, it's time to send a message to these people. Go see your favorite bands on stage, but when it comes to listen at home... just find a way not to buy the music.

Comment: Re:Just to keep things in perspective: (Score 1) 356

by jbssm (#49203921) Attached to: Indian Gov't Wants Worldwide Ban On Rape Documentary, Including Online

While the Government of India may be trying to ban it and the some conservative rednecks of the country hold crazy views, it seems that the majority doesn't..
It is the same Indians that are mass-protesting in response to rapes, to corruption, and want safe streets for themselves and their women: []

I believe your are mixing the majority with the vocal minority, like we do so many times about so many issues.

Comment: Re:Thank you Epic (Score 3, Interesting) 143

by jbssm (#49167791) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

I literally just started re-coding my game from Cocos2d to Unreal

Can you share some experiences with us. What did disappoint you in Cocos2d and what did you find appealing in Unreal Engine?

I'm about to start developing a 2D game (mostly for fun tough) and I was quite indecisive between Godot and Cocos2d... now I'm indecisive between Godot, Cocos2d, and Unreal Engine. The more choices the more I stall this...

Comment: Makes USA kind of look like ancient Rome (Score 2) 297

by jbssm (#48987935) Attached to: Mississippi - the Nation's Leader In Vaccination Rates

In ancient Rome the children where legally the property of the father until they where old enough.

Some states in USA do the same, they allow the parents to make choices for their children that are scientifically proven to be deadly in certain circumstances. Thereby the USA are legally stating that in the eyes of the state, children are the legal property of their parents in certain cases.

Comment: Mozzila Foundation, you need an intervention (Score 0) 177

Seriously guys, nobody gives a damn about these nonsense features. Work on the memory hog that Firefox has become and work on fixing the crescent number of bugs and working on making it light again. Nobody cares about the stuff you keep adding anymore and it's just making the problem even worst.

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