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Comment Instead of improvising, just use the actual book (Score 1) 175

Perhaps Jackson, instead of having so much trouble improvising, could just have sticked to the actual book, make only one movie and cut those stupid add ons he put there like that absurd romance between the dwarf and the elf.

But no, poor Jackson entered the project in the middle and since he didn't knew what to do, instead of using the actua source for all the material - aka the original novel - decided to come up is some half assed Hollywood ideias that ruined the film.

Sure, Peter, I really feel for you bro.

Comment FPS per watt (Score 2) 110

The performance per energy consumption still lags greatly behind NVIDIA offerings.

Besides that, there is CUDA, yes I know it's a closed standard but there is a reason most GPU computing libraries, specially in Deep Learning fields use preferably CUDA: it's just easier to get more performance out of it with less hassle.

If you just want to play games and electricity costs are not a concern to you (so, most teenagers I suppose) Radeon is ok, but if you are not in that category, I find it hard not to have to choose a GeForce.

Comment Re:Muslims will find this offensive... (Score 1) 622

1 - Like you just admitted, you won't get murdered for telling some unpleasant truth about a Christian religion in a Christian country. 2 - That's not even the issue. The issue is that you can get murdered for telling some unpleasant truth about Islam in a Christian country.

You are really not getting the point here.

Comment Re:Muslims will find this offensive... (Score 2) 622

The average Muslim takes their religions as seriously as the average Christian these days.

That's actually wrong. Factually wrong, although it's an argument that being repeated all around against all data. As you can see, the "average" Muslim believes in capital punishment for Apostasy (leaving the faith of Islam) and more than the average believes that stoning to the death should be the penalty for adultery.

The data comes from the PEW research centre, not some nut-job right-wing organisation. Should also be noted that the extremist Muslim majority countries couldn't be analysed, so the real situation is even worst: http://www.pewforum.org/2013/0...

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 221

Same reason we ditched Assembler somewhere in the past. Languages need to evolve, we can't be stuck with C and it's design limitations forever. C served us well, just like Assembly had done, but as compilers evolve we can proceed to higher level languages paying a very little penalty in execution time and in control.

Comment Re:Do damage to Bitcoin's reputation??? (Score 1) 185

So, you are telling me that the value of the Venezuelan Bolivar I should use for reference is the one that the street traders in some lost city of Colombia (Cúcuta) are willing to pay for it?

Well, in that case the price of Bitcoin dropped almost to zero since if I go around in the street (and well, I live in city bigger than Cúcuta by almost 1 order of magnitude) where I live and ask people to trade/accept bitcoin for payment, nobody accepts that (even the bitcoin vending machine we had is gone now).

I mean, we should compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, right?

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