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Comment: Re:Thank you Epic (Score 3, Interesting) 142

by jbssm (#49167791) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

I literally just started re-coding my game from Cocos2d to Unreal

Can you share some experiences with us. What did disappoint you in Cocos2d and what did you find appealing in Unreal Engine?

I'm about to start developing a 2D game (mostly for fun tough) and I was quite indecisive between Godot and Cocos2d... now I'm indecisive between Godot, Cocos2d, and Unreal Engine. The more choices the more I stall this...

Comment: Makes USA kind of look like ancient Rome (Score 2) 297

by jbssm (#48987935) Attached to: Mississippi - the Nation's Leader In Vaccination Rates

In ancient Rome the children where legally the property of the father until they where old enough.

Some states in USA do the same, they allow the parents to make choices for their children that are scientifically proven to be deadly in certain circumstances. Thereby the USA are legally stating that in the eyes of the state, children are the legal property of their parents in certain cases.

Comment: Mozzila Foundation, you need an intervention (Score 0) 177

Seriously guys, nobody gives a damn about these nonsense features. Work on the memory hog that Firefox has become and work on fixing the crescent number of bugs and working on making it light again. Nobody cares about the stuff you keep adding anymore and it's just making the problem even worst.

Comment: Re:Google doesn't support old versions? (Score 1) 629

by jbssm (#48793981) Attached to: Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw

Problem is, not all of us want to be carrying overpriced oversized phones around. I owned a Nexus 4 and was a big fan of the Nexus 5. I was actually waiting for the Nexus 6 to come out so that I could upgrade my Nexus 4 (that's right, I don't buy a new phone every year)... but when I saw the behemoth and the price of it, it was obviously not something I would buy and carry around.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin is faulty by nature (Score 1) 161

by jbssm (#48745911) Attached to: Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Suspended Due To "Compromised Wallet"

Actually it's the fact that you completely changed your argument that makes you look like you are loosing the argument.

I though we where talking about how easy it was to launder Bitcoin, but I get it that every time Bitcoin evangelists feel attacked and can't really give a proper solution to some problem about bitcoin (the fact that it's so easily laundered in this particular argument we are having) they quickly point their fingers at any fiat currency: "Ei, don't look at us, look at them, look, look how money is also evil." while failing to address the issue at hand and trying desperately to compare apples an oranges.

Yes, because any reasonable person understand that while fiat, gold, diamonds, etc can be used to launder money, it's actually a process that demands lots of connections and quite a big deal of risks. Unlike bitcoin where you have to just simply pass it between a couple of wallets/websites. But oh well, I quite used to this kind of ridiculous arguments from bitcoin evangelists taking place on Reddit anyway.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin is faulty by nature (Score 1) 161

by jbssm (#48739817) Attached to: Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Suspended Due To "Compromised Wallet"

What you said is false, completely false. Maybe it's by ignorance, maybe it's because you try to hide the facts. Laundering bitcoins, is as easy to put your money in Satoshi dice and take it out after playing. Or just get your money into a bitcoin tumbler and get it out after, or just exchange your bitcoins into Darkcoin and then back again after passing trough a middle wallet.

All these methods are 100% anonymous. And you cannot shut them down since because of bitcoin decentralized nature they can always be hosted outside some specific country regulation in case that specific country get's a regulation about these services.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin is faulty by nature (Score 1) 161

by jbssm (#48738503) Attached to: Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Suspended Due To "Compromised Wallet"

What stops you from stealing cash? The law. Because the law doesn't care about bitcoin, yet, doesn't mean it never will.

This is only half right. Sure, the law doesn't care right now. But bitcoin very nature will always prevent the law, if/when it exists to actually catch any smart prepretator, as such, bitcoin will always have zero accountability when it comes to theft.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin is faulty by nature (Score 1) 161

by jbssm (#48738455) Attached to: Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Suspended Due To "Compromised Wallet"

Sure, difference is: If some hacker steals money from your bank: 1 - You don't loose your money. 2 - The hacker has an hell of a time actually using that money. 3 - The hacker may actually get arrested and as such it works as a detriment for the act in the 1st place.

This is the huge difference you are trying to put aside by using the same old incomparable comparison with state currencies.

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