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Comment Re:Tim Cook disagrees (Score 2) 148

Seriously where did you go to get those ridiculous statements? The laws didn't change along the way. Apple thought they found a loophole and tried to exploit it, well, according to the law - i.e. the rulling of the courts - Apple was wrong, though luck. No new laws where passed along the way like you are implying.

Also it's quite interesting that you are taking sides with a bunch of billionaire pricks that hire a battalion of attorneys in order to try and find loopholes to avoid paying taxes while the common man has no way to escape them.

Comment Re: *May* owe $8 billion (Score 1) 148

I don't know if you are the same "Anonymous Coward" answering above but you seem to be under the very wrong impression of what Apple is actually doing here and what those "tax exemptions" are supposed to cover.

Apple business here, is selling their products. Period. They don't do R&D in Europe, they don't produce their products in Europe and their job creation in here is minimal. This is not what the tax breaks are there for, obviously. Nothing grave would come to EU if Apple just went away except that consumers couldn't be buying their products here anymore.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 1) 432

Funny my PhD supervisor was a woman and I was actually forced to throw me research away (almost 2 years) and get a better supervisor.

Now, it was not due to harassment but due to her incompetence. But we can already see how the story would play out if the genders were inverted.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 1) 432

So that's what counts has "harassment" in the pro radical feminist society now-a-days. The argument is tired but it doesn't make it less true: If the supervisor was an attractive guy or if she was interested in him, those exact same words would be perfectly acceptable.

Comment Instead of improvising, just use the actual book (Score 1) 175

Perhaps Jackson, instead of having so much trouble improvising, could just have sticked to the actual book, make only one movie and cut those stupid add ons he put there like that absurd romance between the dwarf and the elf.

But no, poor Jackson entered the project in the middle and since he didn't knew what to do, instead of using the actua source for all the material - aka the original novel - decided to come up is some half assed Hollywood ideias that ruined the film.

Sure, Peter, I really feel for you bro.

Comment FPS per watt (Score 2) 110

The performance per energy consumption still lags greatly behind NVIDIA offerings.

Besides that, there is CUDA, yes I know it's a closed standard but there is a reason most GPU computing libraries, specially in Deep Learning fields use preferably CUDA: it's just easier to get more performance out of it with less hassle.

If you just want to play games and electricity costs are not a concern to you (so, most teenagers I suppose) Radeon is ok, but if you are not in that category, I find it hard not to have to choose a GeForce.

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