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Comment: Re:FWD.us? (Score 1) 484

by jbr439 (#43426603) Attached to: Zuckerberg Lobbies For More Liberal Immigration Policies

What bullshit. "Protectionist" my ass.

The U.S. is the ONLY economy in the world where government *doesn't* work to make sure that their own citizens are first in line for jobs. Just try to emigrate to the U.K. Try to emigrate to Canada.


Not entirely sure what point is trying to be made with the reference to emigrating to Canada, but as a FYI, on a per-capita basis Canada takes in *far* more immigrants than any other country in the world.


+ - Copyright lawsuits apparently coming to Canada->

Submitted by jbr439
jbr439 (214107) writes "Voltage Pictures, a L.A. movie studio known for numerous forgettable motion pictures, is seeking, via court order, customer information on 2,000 IP addresses used by customers of Canadian ISP TekSavvy. The expectation is that if this information is obtained, lawsuits will be soon be following. The court date is set for Dec 17.
TekSavvy was possibly chosen as the target of this action due to it being one of the smaller ISPs in Canada.

This is likely a result of Canada bringing in new copyright laws in early November. Among other things, under the new laws statutory damages for non-commercial infringing are limited to $5,000.

Additional information on this issue can be obtained at Michael Geist's excellent site: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/6718/125/

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Good. (Score 1) 378

by jbr439 (#40619791) Attached to: Mozilla Downshifting Development of Thunderbird E-Mail Client

I use "Exchange 2007/2010 Calender and Tasks Provider" extension (on Linux). I find it does a good job of allowing me to access the corporate Exchange server for calendar activities. I use IMAP to access said corporate server for plain old mail.

Used DavMail for a while but had problems when the server upgraded. No I just use the extension and don't have to have another Java program (DavMail) running as a gateway.

Comment: Re:Tone the hyberbole down (Score 3, Informative) 171

by jbr439 (#37328850) Attached to: Leaked Cable Shows Heavy US Influence On Swedish Copyright Policy

... The US here is asking for something like the DMCA (which is required by treaty), ...

DMCA-like legislation is not required for treaty (are we talking WIPO here?) compliance. Canda's Dr. Michael Geist has gone to great lengths to explain why.

However, the US likes the DMCA and is hell-bent on ramming it down every other country's throat. And, sadly, the governments of most countries (including Canada's) are willing accomplices in this farce.

The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. -- James Baldwin