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Submission + - Microsoft's Anti-privacy in Windows 7, 8 in Detail

WheezyJoe writes: ghacks, Extremetech, Ars, and even Forbes are providing more detail about Windows 10's telemetry and "privacy invasion" features being backported to Windows 7 and 8. The articles list and explain some of the involved hotfixes by number (e.g., KB3068708, KB3022345, KB3075249, and KB3080149). The Extremetech and ghacks articles suggest what you might be able to do about it.

gHacks notes that ”these four updates ignore existing user preferences stored in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (including any edits made to the Hosts file) and immediately starts exchanging user data with vortex-win.data.microsoft.com and settings-win.data.microsoft.com. These, and maybe others, appear to be hardcoded which means that the Hosts file is bypassed automatically”

Submission + - Pile of Bugs in Belkin Routers Allow DNS Spoofing, Credential Theft 1

Trailrunner7 writes: The CERT/CC is warning users that some Belkin home routers contain a number of vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to spoof DNS responses, intercept credentials sent in cleartext, access the web management interface, and take other actions on vulnerable routers.

The vulnerabilities affect the Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual Band N+ router, model F9K1102 v2 with firmware version 2.10.17, and potentially earlier versions of the firmware, as well. The vulnerabilities have not been patched by Belkin, the advisory from the CERT/CC says there aren’t any practical workarounds for them.

“DNS queries originating from the Belkin N600, such as those to resolve the names of firmware update and NTP servers, use predictable TXIDs that start at 0x0002 and increase incrementally. An attacker with the ability to spoof DNS responses can cause the router to contact incorrect or malicious hosts under the attacker’s control,” the CERT/CC advisory says.

Submission + - Academia determined to make English language more PC

walterbyrd writes: Washington State students risk a failing grade for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’. White students in Professor John Streamas—who previously generated controversy by calling a student a “white shitbag” and declared that WSU should stand for “White Supremacist University”—also demands that students “understand and consider the rage of people who are victims of systematic injustice.” University of Tennessee tells staff and students to stop using 'he' and 'she' — and switch to 'xe', 'zir' and 'xyr' instead. Gay rights official at Knoxville campus wrote new language instructions. Tells students and staff to use unusual, gender-neutral pronouns like 'xe'. Donna Braquet said that the new regime would make campus 'inclusive'.

Submission + - Neural algorithm creates a new Picasso in under an hour->

An anonymous reader writes: An algorithm developed at a German University is able to imitate the artistic styles of some of the world’s most famous painters. In a study, titled A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style and published in the journal Nature Communications, the research team describes a complex mathematical code which generates a “convolutional neural network” to produce “high perceptual quality” paintings, mimicking great artists’ styles, in less than an hour.
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Comment Extra? (Score 1) 176

"extra work for cleaning crews" How is it 'extra'? Cleaning crews are supposed to be cleaning and here is something to clean. That's just work, not 'extra work.' Now if the citizens would rather pay for more cleaning rather than do it themselves, I supposed that is their option. Just watch your step.

"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, preserved their neutrality." -- Dante