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Comment Re:Business As Usual (Score 1) 113

The news is this is a 'Facebook', which means the original author had some axe to grind with Facebook so made a meaningless comparison. Probably didn't hurt that it would attract clicks. Who knows, maybe the first draft just said database and some clever editor told him to go back and call it a Facebook.

Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 165

This was my first reaction too, and I thought along the lines of: if it conceals what it does (encryption or obfuscation) and will not work within the existing controls. Yes, I know encryption has legit uses so that as a criteria needs some refinement. I was just thinking of all the signatures that block obfuscated Javascript. Sure, some stuff is obfuscated and isn't malicious in any other way, but you know what? We never missed it. Honest people and/or software act openly and directly. To me at least anything that moves beyond that model is suspicious.

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