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Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 528

Not true. I have used different GPS systems here and they always try to steer me to the toll roads, when there is a non-toll freeway that parallels the toll road for half the state. I love GPS since they steer all the holiday travelers onto the toll road, leaving locals free to use the far less congested parallel freeway. There is even one point where they cross, and I get a chuckle out of seeing the huge jam on the toll road as I whiz by. Thanks a million GPS!

Comment Re:2009 time frame is bogus (Score 1) 77

Regardless of the deadline for the report, this is mostly information the agencies should already have considered when the vulnerability was announced. If they cannot comply with the deadline, well you know there is an agency where IT is asleep at the switch. That's valuable information in itself. I would not be surprised if it was all of them.

Comment Re:Stupid headline (Score 1) 425

The summary is off base also, for the same reason. The calorie isn't any more outdated than the joule. The article does a much better job, talking about exclusively focusing on calories in and out doesn't necessarily work.

Comment What if? (Score 1) 67

A lot of good points here in favor of limited or manged disclosure. And I'm not sure I disagree. But what would happen if all information on vulnerabilities and malware were instantly and fully disclosed? Yes, there are some specific cases one could cherry pick out and say something bad would happen. But what would the overall effect be? Would software makers be more concerned about making good software if they knew any and all vulnerabilities would be immediately and fully revealed to the public? And what about the people who are exploited in the "limited, targeted attacks" while the responsible process is taking its time? Is it ethical to deprive them of the chance to defend themselves because something bad might happen to someone else?

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