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Comment Magnavox pong (Score 3, Interesting) 210 210

I bought an old Magnavox tv with built in Pong, but it was missing the controllers. To play games, my brother and I would shove speaker wires into the ports and hold the bare wires with our hands.

By staying very still and very carefully pinching one wire in each hand, tips of fingers touching, we could control the resistance in the range needed to start and control the game. So much as a twitch or turning your head would cause the pong paddle to go off the screen.

Holding that still and staring at the tv, it looked like we were controlling it with our minds.

After a couple days, the TV died. But $18 well spent.

Comment Hard Drive Bracket (Score 2) 258 258

I was missing the hardware to mount a 5 Mb hard drive (yes, 5 Mb) in my XT. Didn't want it sitting directly on the case (cable length, vibration, possible short, etc), but really wanted that upgrade. My French-English dictionary was sitting nearby, so it became the support "bracket".

My mom used that computer many years for checking email (she did upgrade to 2400 baud), but one day it needed a repair. She said the guy was a bit surprised to find a library in a PC.

Comment Re:Easy to turn off (Score 4, Insightful) 531 531

Ok, I see some commentators in nerd rage already. Relax. If you don't want to see top sites when you make a new tab, Mozilla provides instructions to disable them. It's just a couple of mouse clicks

If you don't like my foot up your ass, I can give you instructions to remove it.

Comment After Market Battery (Score 4, Funny) 48 48

I bought an after market lithium battery and now my laptop lasts for days, weeks, even months between charges. The extra weight is a tradeoff. When people see it, they ask "What the hell is that!" But that's normal when you are cutting edge.

Comment Re:Adopt the German Rules (Score 2) 331 331

As understand it:

Similar rules in all of the US. You must be compensated for agreeing to limit your future work options. The amount is left up to the two parties. But the non-compete can't be a condition of employment. Signing a non-complete when you get the job is generally considered unenforceable. Which is why they try get you to sign it again when you leave and are handing you severance pay. Then they can say they did compensate you and you agreed.

Comment Re:Competing with government-sanctioned monopolies (Score 1) 185 185

So you're proposing having two sets of wires running to each house and business? Don't conflate generation and distribution. Power generation is rarely a monopoly, except for areas that cannot connect to the national grid. Even national distribution has competition. But local power distribution can't switch who owns the wire underground or overhead so easy. Even if you go "off grid", all you've done is change monopolies. Just one you now own.

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