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Comment virtualization (Score 0) 252

Even though Linus thinks virtualization is overhyped, I think this will bring a huge leap in consumer choice in these kind of environments. If the virtualized and the host environments can merge well from a user's perspective (thinks like file access, clipboard, menu's, etc.), people would be able to use IE/win for those things they really have to use IE on windows, and for the rest they can really use whatever environment they like.

In almost all new markets untill this date, it has been possible to make huge sums of money. As markets mature competition takes over. John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates would be names you would've never heard of if they were born 30 years later.

Consumers, businesses, and governments are slow learners, but they do learn. In a couple of decades, this whole Microsoft thing will only be known to us geeks and some historians.

"Life begins when you can spend your spare time programming instead of watching television." -- Cal Keegan