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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 568

This is FUD, plain and simple. Implying that Apple is as bad (or even close) as Microsoft is disingenuous. A big fuss was made when Spotlight searches were sent along with a rough location estimate to Apple, who used the data (without the IP address) to execute a Bing search. This functionality can be turned off very easily in Yosemite and El Capitan. There is no massive phoning home in OS X like what occurs with Windows 10. The Spotlight search really isn't any different than the "controversy" over searches in Ubuntu.

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Submission + - Mozilla Document Shows Firefox OS Tablet, TV stick, Router, Keyboard Computer

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this month, Mozilla announced that Firefox OS smartphones would no longer be sold via carriers. Because the company refused to talk about what’s next for Firefox OS, aside from saying it will experiment with “connected devices,” many were left simply to speculate as to what could be in the pipeline. Today, we have a leaked document, which Mozilla confirmed is legitimate.

Beijing Issues 'Red Alert' Over Smog ( 145

An anonymous reader writes: The Chinese capital of Beijing has issued a "red alert" for air quality within the city, the first time the city has reached the level of caution where it's deemed "unhealthy" for all residents. Starting Tuesday morning, schools will be shut down, the production of smoke will be limited, and cars will be under an odd/even alternate day ban while the local government waits for air quality to improve. It's expected to last until mid-day on Thursday when the weather looks likely to blow it away. "Air pollution monitors showed that areas of Beijing had more than 256 micrograms per cubic metre of the poisonous particles. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that anything over 25 micrograms is considered unsafe. The poisonous smog in Beijing is caused by the burning of coal for industry and heating, as well as huge amounts of dust from the city's many construction sites. The problem is being made yet worse by high humidity and low wind." The city has been in bad shape for a while now, and Greenpeace called for this very measure a week ago.

Comment Re:Typical crApple loving faggot (Score 0) 412

You crApple loving faggots can't tell the difference between "their" and "there" so it makes all your "points" null and void except for one, you are a cock-sucking crApple fanboi sheep and a fucktard.

Troll posting as AC asshole complains about language usage, and uses idiot language to express displeasure with spelling meanings. Duh.

Comment Re:Millennials and "codes of conduct". (Score 1) 247

To many Millennials, a "code of conduct" isn't something to help keep social interaction civil. It's actually a weapon that they use against those whom they dislike.

Power corrupts. It's always been true, and it's still true. That's why a focus on personal and consensual choice, "your right to swing stops at my face", and liberty in general is needed to keep the error rate down to a dull roar -- just about every committee or action of a legislature is an act of exerting power. Far too often, that power is inappropriately construed, far too often that power is inappropriately applied. Classing is another wielding of power that consistently proves to be used as a means of harm and revenge. I can think of numerous examples in the technical realm, from ridiculous and irrelevant "certifications" to college degree requirements regardless of your knowledge and experience, to portions of the GPL.

As for millennials, this didn't start with them, not even close. As a 60-year old fellow, I could go on for pages with accurate stories about social codes of conduct that were (and in many cases still are) used as attempts to bludgeon people into compliance with everything from superstition (by which I primarily mean various aspects of religion), to the red scare, to the 'Murica mindset, to the ridiculously exaggerated "sex trafficking" nonsense, to drug use and the drug war, slut shaming, gangsterism, terrorism, and so on. Seems to me that you're probably just finding the millennials more annoying because for whatever reason, their behavior has clashed with your outlook -- which is not to say anyone is right or wrong, just that there's an up-front conflict.

Too true. +10

Comment Re:lesson learned (Score 1) 138

The guy who posts "the purpose of updates is to slow your machine down" is cool, but the guy who posts a factual statement (El Cap has a lot faster UI rendering due to the use of the new Metal frameworks, big improvements in app launch times, etc.) is a shill.

Uh huh.

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