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Comment: Re:What's next (Score 0) 67

by jazzis (#47387151) Attached to: Apple Hires Away TAG Heuer's VP of Global Sales

> Their pricing is incompatible with all but a handful of wealthy nations,...

You clearly haven't priced Lenovo X0 Carbons or Toshiba Kiras. Apple is hardly alone in offering high quality products. And the beauty of it is, nobody is twisting anyone's arm to buy them. Yet they still fly off the shelves faster than X0 Carbons or Kiras.

> They make high quality, beautifully designed, well thought out products that include > luxury differentiators that are unnecessary for most users' needs. Billeted unibody > aluminum cases in a world of plastic. ...

Unnecessary for most users' needs? According to whom? I guess you've never had to lug one of those five pound plastic commodity pieces of crap all day. A two pound Macbook Air is a delight by comparison. (yeah, yeah, I also backpack and carry a 50+ lb backpack up to 12,000+ feet. Apples and oranges, no comparison.)

> "Sapphire display glass." A Red Herring. The Corning "Gorilla Glass" product currently > available is incredibly scratch resistant and costs 1/10th the price.

My scratched iPhone4 glass says different – mine's pretty beat up; probably because I don't have my phone entombed in a slab of plastic. I want my slim little phone to slip into my pocket and not look like I'm walking around happy to have seen a hot chick. Sapphire isn't new – even cheap watches have had sapphire crystals since I was a kid, over forty years ago.

I dunno, you kinda sound angry, as if you can't afford one, so you have to berate them. Or you could save up a little longer until you can afford one. I can almost guarantee you'll be glad you did.

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