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Comment Re:Read it and weep ... (Score 0) 335 335

Iowa Code 322.2

7.“Engaged in the business” means doing any of the following acts for the purpose of the sale of motor vehicles at retail: acquiring, selling, exchanging, holding, offering, displaying, brokering, accepting on consignment, conducting a retail auction, or acting as an agent for the purpose of doing any of those acts. A person selling at retail more than six motor vehicles during a twelve-month period may be presumed to be engaged in the business.

So it may all be in the definitions...

Comment Not the first time this law has come up (Score 0) 335 335

There was an incident a few years ago where the Iowa DOT refused to title a city fire truck because the company that assembled the truck (Toyne Inc in Breda, IA) was not a "licensed franchised dealer'' of the company that built the chassis (HME).

Comment Re:OP vs Reality (Score 0) 112 112

How do you justify running a fiber service out to those areas? The cost to shareholders just does not justify the expense of installation, to say nothing of cost of upkeep compared to the income from your customer base. Wireless is really the only financially responsible means of covering these low population areas.


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