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Comment NSA thinking (Score 1) 202

You are marking your traffic that you are an American Citizen and don't want to be monitored. What do you have to hide? That sounds like something a terrorist would say. Time to monitor every piece of traffic with this header, thanks for flagging when you have something to hide.

Graphene Can Be Made With Table Sugar 142

Zothecula writes with this snippet from Gizmag: "There's no doubt that the discovery of graphene is one sweet breakthrough. The remarkable material offers everything from faster, cooler electronics and cheaper lithium-ion batteries to faster DNA sequencing and single-atom transistors. Researchers at Rice University have made graphene even sweeter by developing a way to make pristine sheets of the one-atom-thick form of carbon from plain table sugar and other carbon-based substances. In another plus, the one-step process takes place at temperatures low enough to make the wonder material easy to manufacture."

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