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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Raisin bread #1 4

My first attempt at a raisin bread. My wife accidentally broke an egg, and I don't like wasting food so I decided on short notice to use it. I pretty much improvised on that one, but it looks good. Well, okay, I fear my typical incisions weren't deep enough. Dunno, it just became very bloated (it's a Vista bread!). At least it smelt wonderful, and I'm really curious how it tastes. At least it isn't a xenomorph this time.

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Raisin bread #1

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  • How did it taste?
    • You ain't gonna believe me... I didn't try... I brought half of it to my parents, I have a big slice for my sister and dear wifey already ate some. I didn't. I'm not really in all that sweet stuff. I'll probably take some with me tomorrow to work.

      • by tuxette (731067) *
        Heh, OK. I'm not into sweet stuff either, and bread bugs my stomach for some reason so I really don't eat it anymore. I would have tried it if you brought me a slice though...
        • I took some to work today.... Actually it was very good... A bit like the raisin bread we used to get at grandmas ;-)

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