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Comment: Re:Good thing Facebook made the new changes (Score 1) 426

by jawschlech (#16057273) Attached to: Facebook Changes Provoke Uproar Among Users
I don't really think that Facebook has an interest in teaching those durned kids a thing or two about privacy--those durned kids are their consumers and I don't see what they have to gain from continuing an unpopular feature.

Besides, the issue here isn't that OMG MY INFO IS ON TEH INTERNET?!--it's that, now, I know that my buddy who's going out of state just made nineteen new friends I've never heard of and will never meet, and one of them invited him to a party, which he will not be attending, and two others asked him how his first day of classes was on his wall... sure, it's all stuff I could find on my own, but do I give a shit? Unlikely. If I did, I would probably check his profile every nine minutes like a normal creepy stalker.
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Journal: Darn This Infernal Lightning!

Journal by jawschlech

While I was away on vacation in gorgeous Florida, the Gods were smiting my home. Lightning struck Tuesday or something and screwed up my system BIOS or possibly the entire hard drive.-Through- the turned off surge protector and turned off computer. It will not boot to Windows, and while I'm not sure if that's a sad occasion, I'd like to get to some of those files if they're not gone forever. (Among other things that were broken around here; the router, the modem, my brother's NIC, the garage

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Journal: Whoo

Journal by jawschlech
Finally set up my /. account. Excitement! Don't know what else to right. Man I suck at these journal things. Feel rather new, which I suppose is normal because, well, I am. But I'm excited, nonetheless.

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