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Comment Cinnamon works great! (Score 5, Interesting) 69

No issues with Cinnamon or Mint 17.2. Everything works great, and I could not imagine using anything else right now. I have settled into Mint and Cinnamon since I like the interface and it is compatible with Ubuntu. Over the years, I have jumped around and tried different distros, but I have been with Mint now for years since they do everything right.

Submission + - Could Amazon start selling FLAC music files? (

An anonymous reader writes: Something is brewing over at Amazon, where their MP3 store was just renamed Digital Music store. It appears as though they want to distance themselves from mp3s, and hopefully start to sell a lossless format like FLAC. There are very high bitrates with OGG as well, and although that is a lossy format, they could be interested in higher quality music. This would be great for consumers that no longer need the plastic, but want the highest quality music available. Would you like to see FLAC at Amazon?

Comment Re:9.1 (Score 1) 1009

I uninstalled all of the Metro apps. Therefore my Start screen is only used as a launchpad for my icons. I have boot to desktop enabled, so I never see the Start screen unless I need to launch an app that is not on my desktop. Windows 8 can be customized to work how you like it. I chose to make mine just like Windows 7 with all the performance improvements.

Submission + - iGoogle is gone :( (

javajeff writes: It is an unhappy day for millions of people that found their favorite start page missing. I have tried many of the other free start pages, and they are either slow or have some other form of advertisement or aggravation. I have decided to change my habits and use the Firefox default start page with the search box set to Bing. That will teach them! I used all the Google services including search through that page, and now my goal is to rely less on Google services. What do you now use as your start page?

Comment Yahoo bar = deleted yahoo account (Score 1) 172

I deleted my Yahoo account because of the static search bar and buttons that stays on every page and takes away from your viewable area of important things. Everyone on My Yahoo is complaining about the same bar as it really affects small screen devices and laptops. I completely gave up on Yahoo.

Comment Windows 8 Workstation (Score 1) 633

Why would they need a Windows 8 Workstation? Companies can standardize on free Start Menu programs like classic shell. From what I hear, major Computer vendors are installing Pokki for Windows 8 Start Menu since they can customize it.

Windows 8.1 brings back the start button. While it only takes you to the start screen, you can have it go to the all apps screen instead. The start screen is a full screen start menu. I removed all live tiles on mine, and pinned all programs that I launch on it.

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 633

They are not copying the interface. Solid colors use less energy than gradients and shadows since video devices have less to display. The flat look is not for aesthetics, but for longer battery life.

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