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Comment: Re:Blaming the wrong ones (Score 1) 127

by javabsp (#29137139) Attached to: Pidgin Adds Google Talk Voice and Video Support (and a Vulnerability)

First of all, to that security company. Good job really publicizing a vulnerability without checking with unpaid developers of a complete open source project.

Actually, they notified us about it a couple weeks ago, and gave us enough time to fix it before announcing the vulnerability.


Verizon.net Finally Moving Email To Port 587 195

Posted by kdawson
from the decade-late-and-a-megabuck-short dept.
The Washington Post's Security Fix blog is reporting that Verizon, long identified as the largest ISP source of spam, is moving to require use of the submission port, 587, in outbound mail — and thus to require authentication. While spammers may still be able to relay spam through zombies in Verizon's network, if the victims let their mail clients remember their authentication credentials, at least the zombies will be easily identifiable. Verizon pledges to clean up their zombie problem quickly. We'll see.

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