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Comment: What about reliability of EXT4 (Score 1) 348

by jassuncao (#30777208) Attached to: Google Switching To EXT4 Filesystem
I live in a zone where power failures are very common. While I was using EXT3 I lost data for several times due to power failures, and there was even a time a disk got corrupted. After I switched to JFS the data lost is minimal and I never had a corrupted disk. Another think I enjoy in JFS is that its really quick to fsck a disc after power failure. So is it safe to switch to EXT4 ?

Comment: Re:NAS: Western Digital MyBook World Edition II (Score 4, Informative) 621

by jassuncao (#24001189) Attached to: What NAS To Buy?
The restriction on media files sharing only applies when using the built in Mionet client. I think the reason for the bad reviews is the slow speed. Although it has a gigabit interface, the processor doesn't have the required processing power. The greatest transfer rate I can achieve using FTP is ~7MB/sec for reads and ~5MB/sec for writes. But for it's low price and low power requirements I can't ask for more.

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