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Comment: Re:Old ideas live again (Score 1) 85 85

by jasoncrowley (#37454030) Attached to: "Subconscious Mode" Could Boost Phone Battery Life
ir- + regard + -less == "not (without consideration)" == "worthy of consideration" That's how my minds eye reads the word as well, a hard reversal on "however/nevertheless" in a floppy sentence structure. The gibbering phrases looped back and forth from subject to subject, not unlike a wounded perch on a deserted beach. Irregardless, I attempted to continue on ignoring the cadence towards any meaning.

Comment: Paypal paints itself legit? (Score 1) 391 391

by jasoncrowley (#36717778) Attached to: PayPal Predicts the End of the Wallet By 2015
As long as online payment institutions remain unregulated, then their idea of 'banking' is a joke. I find the possibility of online payment systems taking over in their current form highly unlikely, and frankly, downright laughable. Literally every single person I know has been burned by paypal in one form or another. Whether being forced to wait as paypal decided to hold funds for an indeterminate amount of time, to having their accounts frozen and loosing funds forever. As long as that remains the status quo, paypal (and other systems like it) will remain a novelty. It is far easier to scam someone out of funds using paypal than it is to rob people at gunpoint, and it's more anonymous too. Personally, I think paypal is a haven for crime, with the institution itself being the largest culprit, but that is just me.

Comment: Re:which shows the USPTO is incompetent (Score 1) 150 150

by jasoncrowley (#36658230) Attached to: More Oracle Patents Declared Invalid
I don't know that being born here gives you some sort of holy knowledge of our convoluted patent system. The skills needed are research, clerical, and maybe field specific knowledge for some specialization. It's easy to be an outsider and see that the system is broken. Without having first hand knowledge of how the system works internally I can't say what part of the system needs more work. I do think that using blanket terms like 'those foreigners took ur jerbs' doesn't see the problem for what it is.

Comment: Re:8-bit Nintendo is probably not the best example (Score 1) 185 185

by jasoncrowley (#36069574) Attached to: Is the Gaming Industry Moving Online Too Fast?
Blowing on the cart often caused more harm than good. All you needed was a decent kneaded eraser to clean the contacts. Even then, more oft than not there was nothing wrong with the contacts of the cart, it was the contacts in the console itself that were not making a good connection. The fact that this myth is as pervasive today as it was 20 years ago is the interesting part.

Comment: Re:Serious Problems With Central Claim (Score 1) 238 238

by jasoncrowley (#34415924) Attached to: Torrent Users Fight Back
No, but the argument here is against punitive damages. The lawsuit points out that even if the parties are guilty, they are only liable for actual damages. Actual damages being of the cost of a DVD, and not the inflated settlement price. The settlement letter insisted they were liable for $2k and more if it went to court, which is in the punitive range. Pretty fine line between extortion and a white lie.

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