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Comment Popups (Score 4, Insightful) 227

What grinds my gears, are these fucking pop up ads that appear on every fucking news article I click. Who is the retard that thinks that shoving a huge fucking modal html window over top the fucking article im currently trying to read is going to make me stop reading and focus on their shitty ad? Stop this fucking bull shit right fucking now. Put it at the top or on the side, and I'll probably see it eventually. But pop this in my face, and piss me off and theres no way I'm even considering buying your product, even if I'd actually want it.

Comment Re:It's been going on for years (Score 3, Interesting) 388

Ya, me too. I had an assignment where I used arrays in solving the problem. I guess the class didnt cover arrays yet, and so I failed the assignment. The teacher has one solution that she was expecting to see, and when it wasnt that, I failed. So, I was somehow supposed to guess what they wanted to see for a solution in that class based on what was taught to that point. Granted, I wasnt really following the "lectures" at all. I'm pretty sure the teacher was basically 1 week ahead of the students, learning it herself.

Comment Homeseer (Score 1) 189

I'm using homeseer software. Its pretty good, and they have a program called hstouch that I run on the tablets that I customized for each room. I think it was like $300 for the pro version which included hstouch. Then, I'm using zwave wireless protocol for all my lighting modules, hvac, security, blind control, etc. I found zwave to be an extremely reliable protocol. Stay away from X10.

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