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Comment Re: Yay for "zero tolerance" (Score 1) 591

These kinds of policies are a result of repeated gun violence at schools. There are other factors, but gun violence is a large part of the motivation. Given the number of guns in this country (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country), the likelihood of an empty threat becoming a real threat is something most school administrators are not prepared to ignore.

Comment Re:Or just practicing for an actual job (Score 1) 320

If you could have coded it from scratch, you knew how to weed out all the crap and pick the correct example. You also knew enough to realize that the example was an implementation simplified enough to fit in a web page. And, as a result, you enhanced the example to make it robust enough for production use. You did do that, didn't you?

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