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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 499

IIRC, Vista machines didn't come with less than 512MB of RAM from OEMs. For the original RTM version, 512 was actually "okay" in, it ran acceptably.

However, I don't believe Microsoft ever updated their requirements for "Designed for Windows Vista". Perhaps the arrangements with the OEMs made changing their minds not feasible.

With only 512MB of RAM, Vista's updates quickly started dropping the system's performance below acceptable levels. Add in Service Packs 1 & 2, and you were sunk.

Comment Re:If that were the actual spirit of the tax laws. (Score 1) 87

Because the letter of the law is what it is, one has to expect that the letter is an accurate embodiment of the *actual* "spirit", as opposed to the "spirit" that everyone pays lip service to.

Splitting hairs. All laws are defined by what they are enforced to mean.

The "spirit" of the law, last I checked, is generally understood to be the intent of those who wrote/approved the law.

Comment Re:Ian Murdoch was a racist (Score -1, Offtopic) 464

I'll bite!

By your own statement, anyone can potentially be racist. For example: would you agree that Barack Obama, current President of the United States of America, qualifies as both privileged and powerful? If you disagree with that, perhaps a clearer definition of what you consider "privilege" and "power" is in order.

Of course, Racism ~= Discrimination

but that's another discussion.

Comment Missing Option (Score 1) 363

Babylon 5.

I enjoyed Star Wars, though I don't consider it a very good example of "science fiction". Star Trek succeeded in many ways, particularly if you embrace the idea of post-scarcity resulting in unified humanity that is pretty well NOT at war with itself. Too optimistic for some, but I'd like to believe it possible.
Babylon 5 plays out more like a David Weber series. Since I'm a fan of David Weber's work, I mean that only in good ways. Babylon 5 spent more time with the politics of interplanetary/intergalactic travel. That humanity would get its act together in the face of interacting with older/younger space-faring races, but still have underlying tensions.

Also, I don't think I ever saw a spaceship become stationary on Babylon 5 simply by cutting its engines. :-P

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