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Comment: *gasp* (Score 3, Interesting) 83

What the actual fuck?! What did they do before Stingrays? Not catch anybody? Good fucking grief!

The above was my initial reaction, anyway. I checked the article; seems to have been updated to say 4300 times, which is not such a jaw-dropper. Also, I'd be interested to know whether that covers every time the device was used to intercept or track a mobile device (4300 is a number I could believe, if not like) or if that was the number of court-orders/warrants obtained (4300 still seems ridiculously over-used).

Comment: Words to live by (Score 1) 87

by jargonburn (#49384793) Attached to: UK IP Chief Wants ISPs To Police Piracy Proactively

The UK's top IP advisor has published recommendations on how Internet service providers should deal with online piracy. Among other things, he suggested that Internet services should search for and filter infringing content proactively.

Now, does the top IP advisor who hasn't been bought and paid for by the media industry/conglomerates have anything to add? ......*crickets chirping*.....
Yeah, didn't think so.

Comment: Excellent! (Score 2) 99

by loading the IE11 engine when needed

Does this mean I may be able to exploit the new browser using vulnerabilities found in IE11 by calling the old engine via whatever method they'll use? After all, I'm guessing it doesn't use a white-list, at least by default. Maybe that will be an option, though.

And no, I didn't RTFA this time.

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