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Christmas Cheer

+ - Sidestepping the Santa Myth 1

Submitted by
jaredbpd writes "As the agnostic, geeky parents of a four year old girl, my wife and I are trying to find different ways to address the Santa myth that meets the following criteria:
  1. Does not involve lying to our daughter. We've always taught her the importance of honesty and don't want to give her reason to distrust us when she learns the eventual truth.
  2. Will not ruin Christmas for other kids. She attends preschool and we don't want a bunch of phone calls from irate parents whose children were told "There's no Santa" from our daughter.
  3. Doesn't make her feeling like she's being left out. We've told her that she gets presents from mommy & daddy, but her friends also get presents from Santa.

Our daughter understands the difference between real and make believe, so we're confident that she's mature enough to hear the truth. However, it's a lot to ask of a four year old to keep that truth a secret from her friends, since they still believe. How have the parents of future Slashdotters handled this?"

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