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Comment: Not necessarily all of Illinois (Score 1) 323

I actually live in the school district that has created the issue. You can find the original printed notice here:

From the language used, they seem to believe that their policy is enforceable by law. However, the actual text of the law says nothing about compelling access to a personal social network profile. This leads me to believe that a degree of incompetence has invaded the district's administration. Shocking, right?

I don't expect it to happen, but nonetheless I am telling my kids that if any authority figure at school asks for access to any of their personal accounts, they should defer to me so I can pass the issue along to the lawyer.

Comment: Re:Dropbear (Score 2) 148

by janeuner (#48756697) Attached to: Tips For Securing Your Secure Shell

This comment is funny, because:
> 2013.56 - Thursday 21 March 2013
> - Added hmac-sha2-256 and hmac-sha2-512 support (off by default, use options.h)

So now, as I work to build an appropriate dropbear binary (or possibly go straight for the openssh package), I can sit here and contemplate all the time and effort that I am saving by using dropbear.

Comment: Re:This helmet scares me. (Score 1) 126

by janeuner (#47663785) Attached to: Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding

Mostly agree with the parent comment.

Note that helmet-mounted bluetooth interfaces have existed for years, and many mid-to-upper range helmets are designed for those optional systems. Take away the HUD, add a modern smartphone, and I have all the Skully's useful-to-me features at a fraction of the cost.

Comment: Re:Updated? (Score 3, Insightful) 117

by janeuner (#47582857) Attached to: AMD Launches New Higher-End Kaveri APUs A10-7800 and A6-7400K

The "new" news is the release on the A8-7600; and only about 7 months late. Most of the reviews for that processor were published in January, which is shameful really.

But now that it is out, it is at a good price, decent computationally, very good power envelope. It's a good option for productivity-only desktops, at a fraction of the price of a 7850K or an i3-4330.

Comment: Re: You asked for it (Score 1) 227

by janeuner (#46940009) Attached to: Comcast: Destroying What Makes a Competitive Internet Possible

They shouldn't. Two other positions exist which would be more to libertarian liking.

One option would be to oppose the sanctioned monopoly that net neutrality supporters want to regulate. By providing competition, it will be easy for the free market to punish ISPs who choose to discriminate between traffic sources. A side effect of this choice is a snarl of wires on the telephone poles - one for each local ISP. Also, this option is unlikely to work where all communications lines have been buried.

Libertarians could compromise to a second option - the common carrier option. This position yields the physical connection to stringent government control (like telephone networks, power grid, etc) but allows any company to make use of said infrastructure. Essentially, the wire is socialized, but everything that it carries is free-market.

Comment: Re:You were not hired to finish the project (Score 1, Interesting) 308

by janeuner (#46140473) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Do You Do If You're Given a Broken Project?

Or, perhaps, you were hired to find a scapegoat. Honestly, who cares; they need the project to work, so make it work.

The project is yours. Guess a rewrite timeline, send it to your boss, and get to work. While they bicker on it, send them updates. If you are going to get fired, it was going to happen anyway; you can still do good work in the meantime.

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