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Comment: Re:Microsoft not so much of a force today. (Score 0) 97

by jan0278 (#42392603) Attached to: Rivalry Building Between Amazon and Google
Honestly, don't even bother to try anything Microsoft.. just from the fact that you quoted CE 6.5.. I am a big Nokia fan and boy after trying out Lumia 920 with WP8, I think Microsoft definitely had a wonderful OS with some future.. don't knoq if I like Nokia more or Windows Phone. haven't tried windows 8 to comment on it.. happy with Windows 7 and Linux at home and Windows 7 at work...

Comment: Re:Microsoft's Windows 8 Numbers Meaningless (Score 1) 526

by jan0278 (#42162031) Attached to: Steve Jobs Was Wrong About Touchscreen Laptops
how is volume licensing not sales? aren't those volume license used by humans? also the contradicting fact is that corporates(volume players) are usually late to upgrade compared to consumers. Bottomline, 40 mil or 40 K its all about what one likes.. it'd be a boring world if everyone liked the same thing

Comment: Re:Let's just get this out of the way.. (Score 1) 333

by jan0278 (#35941002) Attached to: Netflix Subscriber Base Eclipses Comcast's
sometimes.. I feel we just live and think what tech companies want use to... who cares about a darn android or a iOS when you can open your $500 (laptop) + $150 (Office 2010) and get along with your chores.. Open couple of browsers, IE 9 and a Chrome.. do your job.. pay your bills and shut down your laptop in 30 mins.. who wants a tiny tot iPhone screen to read a document or a presentation.. seriously have we completely lost it in a rat race for OS, which are still not even 25% of what a XP was

Comment: Re:Big deal... (Score 1) 162

by jan0278 (#35793728) Attached to: Microsoft TouchStudio Uses Phone To Program Phone
And do you think, other products are 5 steps forward. Here I have an iPad which I use mostly to check emails and make basic word editing. For anything more detailed I need to fall back to my WINDOWS 7 laptop (not a dirt-expensive-for-nothing Mac or a piece of junk ubuntu). iPhone is a good phone, music device.. if you want more, fall back to a PC. Atleast now, we have a choice.. Not needing a symbian developer or an android developer who is paid upwards of 100K.. get a windows phone app written by 3 offshore developers in a month paying them 15K..

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