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Comment: Re:Welcome to the world of police intimidation (Score 1) 761

by jammerstore (#38010886) Attached to: Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found On SUV

When this reporter drove down to meet Greg and photograph the second tracker with photographer Snyder, three police cars appeared at the location that had been pre-arranged with Greg, at various points driving directly behind me without making any verbal contact before leaving.

After moving the photo shoot to a Rotten Robbie gas station a mile away from the first location, another police car showed up. In this case, the officer entered the station smiling at me and turned his car around to face the direction of Greg’s car, a couple hundred yards away. He remained there while the device was photographed. A passenger in the police car, dressed in civilian clothes, stepped out of the vehicle to fill a gas container, then the two left shortly before the photo shoot was completed.

I bet that reporter thought that sort of thing only happened in *other* countries before that day.

It is better to use a GPS jammer


+ - SPAM: 10 Organizations Which Track You Illegally 1

Submitted by jammerstore
jammerstore writes: In our cruel technological world it is hard to remain hidden and to protect your personal information from being exposed for everyone to see and use. In our age of wireless signals, digital cameras and tracking devices it is difficult to maintain your privacy no matter where you go. Thus you must be aware of the most dangerous cases of modern illegal privacy disruptions.
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