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Comment Re:RememberTheMilk connects with Siri now (Score 1) 185

I was thinking about this as I read the article but, it turns out the RtM "integration" is more of a hack than actual integration. It takes away the nicety that is the default reminder interface for Siri/4S/iOS5.

Yes, definitely a hack. Turns out it works well for me since I'd rather have my reminders in the app where I keep track of my tasks and not in a separate Reminders app. But, definitely not a true integration. I can't add tasks without a due date/time and certainly can't indicate other attributes of the task such as priority, tags, etc.

Comment RememberTheMilk connects with Siri now (Score 4, Informative) 185

RememberTheMilk already has connected Siri to their task management app by basically redirecting the connection to the iPhone's reminder app. They talk about it on their blog, here:

Comment Re:The best application of science ever! (Score 2, Insightful) 639

Who's to say that this isn't just another phase in our evolutionary process? How many of these great contributors have died from diseases that we may be able to screen for in the future? Had they lived on would they have contributed much more? Having lost my grandfather to Alzheimers and having watched the mental pain that he and our family went through, I can't see how this could be unethical or immoral. On the contrary, I could see it as unethical to prevent people from persuing this preventative measure.

Obviously, there are those who will abuse the technology, since that's true for anything that's great, it's really a mute point.

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